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Playing Dirty: Texas A&M

That is an actual picture from Wikipedia of an Aggie tradition

While some LSU fans may be looking ahead to a trip to the SEC Championship Game, all attention should be focused on beating the next team on the schedule. It has certainly been an interesting year in Aggieland, so we reached out to Jay Arnold, a former Aggie player an expert in all things BBQ, to run down the vibes in College Station. IF you want Xs and Os, check out what he said in Playing Nice, but for now, we’re Playing Dirty.

1. Sure it’s been a tough season for the Aggies, but spirits in College Station must be flying high after the big win! What was your favorite moment from Texas A&M’s resounding 20-3 win over UMass?

My favorite moment from the massive win over UMass has to be the students running some kind of t-shirt relay in the bleachers while the rain was pouring and the temperatures were miserable. The actual product on the field didn’t inspire much but at least the kids were having a good time. It probably wasn’t conducive to feeling healthy the following week, but hey, at least they got air time.

2. What was the less impulsive purchase: $95 million for Jimbo Fisher or $44 billion for Twitter?

Both purchases were made by people with way more money than sense right? Imagine all the barbecue you could eat with $44 Billion though. I’d personally probably pay $44 Billion for an entire gallery of @dril tweets so I get it but that just seems so ridiculous with no sort of plan going forward. At least A&M Boosters had an end goal of a national championship, I guess.

3. Look we might be making jokes, but Texas A&M could teach LSU some things. For example: what are y’all’s tips on beating ACC teams? We need to know before we play Florida State again at the start of next season.

My first tip would be to stop scheduling games at neutral sites dummies. You have one of the most incredible venues in all of college football and think that playing in the Superdome instead of Death Valley was a good idea? NO! Stupid! No amount of money will make that a good idea. Also, maybe consider practicing special teams before the season starts, that really seemed to be an issue early on.

4. Okay this part isn’t a bit: explain the Midnight Yells to us. It makes so little sense to me I’m starting to think I’m missing something.

I’ve got nothing for this one. I don’t understand the Midnight Yell bit either. The jokes are supposed to be horrible and outdated but it is legitimately painful to watch every time. With that being said, I’d rather be weird than boring which is what so many programs in the country are.

5. The Aggies supposedly spent a lot of money on this freshman class. Would you trade all of them for one Harold Perkins?

I have been advised by my lawyers not to answer this question so I’ll just say I would make the same sacrifices that LSU fans would have made to have a modern offense during the Jarvis Landry/OBJ years.

6. Brian Kelly in his first year is already going to an SEC Championship Game while Texas A&M has yet to 11 years into their SEC tenure. But hey, y’all are at least gonna make it to one before the Longhorns do....... right?

If Texas does somehow make it to an SEC Championship before Texas A&M, I will probably just forswear the sport of football for the rest of my life. I might just wander into the swamp in Houma never to be seen again. The suffering this year has been horrendous, I can’t even begin to imagine how bad it would hurt to see the Longhorns in Atlanta before Texas A&M. I am upset with you for even bringing this possibility to the forefront of my mind. With that being said, I do think A&M somehow makes it to the SEC championship before Texas. It did take LSU 9 years after the inception of the SEC Championship to make it to the game so we aren’t that far behind schedule yet. Hopefully, the talent that Jimbo has brought in pays off.