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Link Gumbo: Futbol leading into Football

This is better than March Madness for me

NCAA Football: Alabama-Birmingham at Louisiana State
Ain’t no pain when ya named Noah Cain
Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Qatar was an interesting choice to host a world cup, and a lot has come out on how bad of a choice it was. But my goodness, I thought I would hate having it during the winter (and I bet the players despise it) but that is NOT the case.

Go Go USA.

And Go Go Tigahs.

I want to see if they carry the weight of being the #5 seed in the playoffs or if they carry the momentum of let’s ride and see what happens. I think this weekend clears up some things for the playoff, and still pulls some surprises for us. My hope is we are efficient running the ball which sets up passing opportunities. Let’s see what happens.

let us start with Thanks:

Five things for LSU fans to be thankful for in 2022 (

Takes a little bit of a shot there at the end. But in reality, I never understood why Jimbo was ever a candidate for this school? Look at what he did to FSu. The quickest way to undermine a high performing program is through the demise of your O Line, and he has basically done that to two programs back to back.

More things to be thankful for:

1 thing every SEC team should be thankful for in 2022 (

I would add Jaden Daniels to this list

Enjoy the moment we are in, but if they win Saturday, the message will be on repeat:

LSU football in position to make CFP history if it wins out | LSU |

There is no other program in history that knows how to maximize a two loss season.

Transfers can make a massive difference

Accountability, It takes more than one leader or coach - American Press | American Press

I’m gonna argue that over the last decade LSU has been the absolute best when it comes to the transfer Portal. Keep your Jonathan Giles, I’ll take the rest of the hits and run with them. Even going back to Mettenberger. Transfers are what saved this year, and they will play a big role next year as well. 2024 should have been the year we looked forward to a fully formed roster, but we got the most that we could out of this one.

Folks, I can’t explain how incredible of a goal this is:

He receives a bullet to the inside foot, contorts, generates power, and just mashes a ball that is head high WHILE TURNING AWAY FROM IT.