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What To Watch For: Texas A&M

PLEASE don’t lose to these people

Texas A&M has been, BY FAR the funniest story in college football this season. Armed with several great recruiting classes in a row and one of the most talented rosters in the sport, Texas A&M will miss a bowl game. Much has been made of their NIL spending, including by rival coaches like Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin, but they have gotten less than nothing out of it. They have a team that is dysfunctional, checked out, unsound, and offensively challenged. In addition, the cultish, bizarre behavior of their deeply strange fanbase has been mocked widely across the sport.

All of it is deserved. A&M has wormed its way into our lives, thanks in large part to that gross 7-overtime screw job, as LSU’s most annoying rival. You cannot lose to these people right now.

When LSU Has the Ball

Building Off of Last Week

Sure, it was just UAB, but LSU’s offensive staff broke out several tweaks that will help them be more efficient and explosive going forward (except against Georgia). Using more hard play-action, boot-action, condensed WR alignments, and switched releases, LSU was able to scheme open easy explosives against UAB. It’s important for LSU to take that even further, and build more and more off of this.

RB Depth

Noah Cain had a nice week last week, but the injury to Josh Williams has really tested LSU’s depth at the position. John Emery, while LSU’s most explosive and talented back, has ball-security issues that make him close to unplayable right now, as unfortunate as that is. The one thing above all else that hands underdogs Ws is a bad turnover day. LSU could use 27 in this one.

When A&M Has The Ball