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Instant Reactions: LSU 23, Texas A&M 38

The boomers are right, if you can’t fit the run, you can always get beat.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Texas A&M Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

LSU gets caught looking ahead to their Atlanta trip and drops a rough one to Texas A&M.

Let’s be clear, A&M has had a bad year, but they were talented enough that their best can beat your worst, and that’s exactly what happened. If you can run the ball and limit big plays, you always have a chance to control and win a football game and that’s exactly what A&M did tonight. LSU’s issues fitting the run, both structural and technical, finally cost them a game tonight.

A&M was able to control this one, and a critical scoop and score nixed LSU’s only chance to seize that control for itself. A&M’s ability to run the ball efficiently kept them out of unfavorable situations and allowed them to shield their young QB from too much difficulty. If you can stay on schedule, you can win a football game.

All of that aside, it is important to take a breath and realize how far LSU has come, and how much this roster has frankly overperformed itself. This season is still a success, the trajectory of the program is still extremely strong, and LSU will fill in its ranks with more and more talent until they’ve built a GENUINE contender.

For year 1, I’ll take this. Even if tonight is unfortunate, frankly, it was coming.

Run the ball and stop the run kids, it still matters a whole lot.