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Link Gumbo: Looks like it is 2001 on repeat, okie dokie

It’s the happiest I’ve been about a 9-3 team since I can remember

Utah!! two!! Gimme two!!
Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Since 2001 LSU has played for the SEC title 7 times. They are 5-1 in the previous bouts and 4-1 against UGA. I think it is the first time since 2005 that LSU has won the west and is out of contention for the NC game before they step foot in Atlanta. That is a pretty incredible run. I don’t want to take it for granted and I also don’t want it to be the norm. I think if we had lost the Arkansas game but won this game our vibe would be completely different, the whole playoff committee giving us a sniff of a path to the top 4 kinda drove this fan base a little wild, and those lofty expectations came crashing down pretty hard Saturday.

It’s understandable to not be stoked about the result from Saturday. But the A&M that was one completed pass away from upsetting Bama was the same team that showed up on Saturday. And the LSU team with little depth on the D Line, secondary and LB crew got exposed. It’s alright to be reminded how far we still have to go with roster development while still celebrating the fact that we are playing for a conference championship in year 1 of a new regime. He’s not gonna fix our DB depth issue nor our D Line depth in one class, but we have already seen what the man can do with an empty pantry, let’s see what happens when we stock the cupboard.

It’s also weird walking into this game not feeling like we are going to obliterate the other team. I see LSU playing it’s best game of the season. I think Daniel’s health will play a major role in determining if I keep that feeling all week

I think they are trying to say the programs have gone in opposite directions since:

Georgia vs LSU 2019 Flashback Shows Just How Far the Bulldogs and Tigers Have Come - Sports Illustrated Georgia Bulldogs News, Analysis and More

I also think they missed a little bit of a big angle. They talk about UGA changing OCs as well as it’s philosophy on throwing the ball. But UGA did what other truly elite contenders did was build out incredible offensive line depth. They are the program with it, and it allows them to run whatever offense they choose. What’s funny is their best player is a tight end and a walk on wide receiver. I just really want to see what happens to the Mailman when we runs into Perkules for the first time. I have a strong feeling we are gonna see the Mizzou version of Stetson Bennett this game.

We go as he goes:

LSU’s Jayden Daniels in walking boot to help with ankle sprain (

and the first few plays are gonna tell us. If this man can’t cut like he has all year then we are in trouble

Should LSU fans throw away the season because of the College Station Outcome?:

No. People are reacting like we lost to Arkansas and A&M. I still find it so incredible that this band of bandits sealed the SEC west WITH TWO WEEKS LEFT TO PLAY IN THE CONFERENCE. It is unreal. Even the second best college football team of all time (the 2011 LSU tigers) didn’t claim the west until the final weekend. A good showing in Atlanta will get the pendulum back in the right direction. The bowl game and it’s result will really dictate the fan momentum going into the off season. But folks, this team is beat up and has little depth and it is starting to show. Take that into account.

So true Delly, So true: