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Link Gumbo: Looks like we won’t be missing 12 starters this go round

and may Benedict Ricks live in interesting times. May he be coupled with Saivion Smith in terms of post LSU production.

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NCAA Football: Mississippi at Louisiana State
Saddle Up
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The number 7 ended up being pretty fitting to start the season for Eli Ricks, as that was the average number of snaps he was getting per game for the first seven games of the season. And then apparently he finally learned the scheme and had a pretty great day against State. And now his story and his role in this game is getting some run leading into it. And I hope he doesn’t play a role at all in this game. I am more worried about Kool Aid, because that dude has developed into one of the best cover corners in the conference. And as a whole, I would argue that Bama is filled with a few stars on the defensive side of the ball, but this will be one of THEIR biggest tests of the season in terms of physicality and play making ability from the offense they are lined up against. I’m sorry, but UT was the only offense they have played with a pulse. Vandy, ULM, Utah State, Texas on a 3rd string QB, A&M on a 3rd string QB, Arkansas??? Hopefully we show our mettle Saturday night.

Oh wow, a series recap that shines light on the positive outcomes:

What happened the last five times LSU beat Alabama? (

I was lucky enough to be at 3 of these games. And this series has actually been quite wonderful since Nick Saban came into the SEC. It’s fun carrying in the confidence that our current coach has LSU a little ahead of schedule and this game is playing with house money.

I had no clue their Turnover Margin was that bad:

LSU vs. Alabama: Five things to know about the Crimson Tide (

and a down year Bama O line is still better than 90% of the country. And I really want to see how our pass rush does in this game. Will Ali Gaye finally deliver on some big plays? Will LSU get pressure up the middle? Is this Perkins coming out game or will Ojulari propel himself into the 1st round after this? My goodness it would be great for all these players to shine and then some.

This isn’t a short term question

Will Brian Kelly’s move to LSU finally help him beat Nick Saban’s Alabama? - The Athletic

It looks like Louisiana is still producing the talent. And the arrival of UGA and UT is balancing out the top end talent in terms of spreading it into a couple of other programs and not just accumulating in Tuscaloosa. The next 5 years will be fun.

I was so busy watching an LSU pitcher face an LSU infielder last night that I missed this

Former LSU Infielder DJ LeMahieu Wins Fourth MLB Gold Glove Award - Sports Illustrated LSU Tigers News, Analysis and More.

The war is won in the trenches

“Don’t be afraid to write this sh!t down...”

77...touch somebody!! we talk about who we’re gonna give money...and we gave you a billion dollars...