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Link Gumbo: Bama lost, because LSU was the better team

Tougher Mentally. Tougher Physically. Better Tactically

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NCAA Football: Alabama at Louisiana State
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Folks. We went into that game being told Alabama had the best offensive player in America coupled with the best defensive player in America. And I truly believe one of those two players may finally deliver the first #1 overall draft pick in Bama football history.

But Saturday night changed a couple of narratives. This is not an article trying to labor the point that any dynasty is dead, although Bama hasn’t done anything of significance according to their standards since 2018 (without the help of a world pandemic). But we will point out a couple of things that have haunted this series and were exorcised Saturday night.

Normally, Bama takes advantage of the bye week scheme wise, comes with a monster interior D Lineman that wrecks any running game or QB moving up in the pocket. Sometimes better QBs. Most of the time a Juggernaut at RB. An all world WR. And a secondary that makes you feel futile. Couple that with coaching decisions that fall on the positive side of strategic thinking. The only Achilles was their kicker, and even that aspect carried a lucky rabbits foot with it Saturday night

All of those items just listed were not in their favor Saturday night, and in most cases, it was LSU that delivered to better artillery. Harold Perkins was the best defensive player in that game, hands down. Bryce looks pretty damn normal when Mekhi is walking the center into his lap, then Harold is spying and closing at the speed of a cheetah, and our secondary is in phase with their receivers 2 seconds into the play. Jayden Daniels was the best offensive player on the field. LSU had better play from their receivers. LSU had better play from their O Line. LSU made better decisions in terms of points chasing and game strategy. LSU got more out of their coordinators. And Josh Williams is a golden god.


2019 was cathartic. 2022 was an exorcism. In 2019 we had to play a perfect game. In 2022, we did not, we survived every haymaker they had...AND STILL KNOCKED THEIR ASS OUT. Brian Kelly looks pretty damn different when he has more 5 stars than he ever did at ND. HE DID IT BEFORE SABAN RETIRED. We may be ahead of schedule, but what is evident is that we have an architect that is building a monster.

Let’s enjoy every minute of it before we move on to Arkansas.

It isn’t over until Saban retires:

College Football Roundup: Could The Alabama-Clemson Dynasties Now Be Over? - Sports Illustrated Notre Dame Fighting Irish News, Analysis and More

But for a man who has been so great at evolving and adjusting his style and philosophies, Nick may have out thought himself. They can’t run the ball up the middle and they can’t run it when they absolutely need to. Josh Williams converting that 3 & 7 to set up Mason Taylors TD catch is the exact OPPPOSITE of what we are used to seeing in this series. It was shockingly great.


Alabama football: Initial Impressions from the LSU game - Roll ‘Bama Roll (

Petulance in its most poetic form.

Oh wow! He might be a good hire after all!

Year 1 of the Kelly era at No. 7 LSU looks to be memorable | AP News

Now this I really do believe

Staples: Georgia was the 1 place that concerned Nick Saban. And now, Georgia is CFB’s Boogeyman - The Athletic

It helps to have UGA recruiting at the level it is. Coupled with a A&M banner year and Ohio State being elite, it prevents Bama from doing what it did for 6 straight years. Building layers and layers of depth that pays massive dividends. Dilution is a positive thing. And UGA is now that team.