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Link Gumbo: Boutte Boutte Boutte Boutte Rockin’ everywhere

It’s retention season still, and recruiting plans are now revised on a quarterly basis

SEC Championship - LSU v Georgia
He finally looked fast again
Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Welp, it has been business planning season for my real job, and let me tell you what, we expect a lot of folks to drink A LOT of energy drinks in 2023. We plan year by year, and it has worked so far. About 10 years ago, when I was on the marketing side (which is a LOT more fun, but a lot less lucrative) we would actually plan events and athlete projects every quarter. It was hectic, it was hair brained, but it allowed us to jump on opportunities that helped in the long run.

And metaphorically speaking, this quarterly mindset is the one I need to get back into when it comes to recruiting and transfer cycles. Folks, if you are gonna get caught up in the HS recruiting cycle that is now split into two days, you are gonna drive yourself mad. As a fanbase, we have witnessed other wordly success when it comes to transfers, the ultimate being Joe Burrow. But there is also Mettenberger & Wingo...and others. We have also been programmed to accept anybody and everybody who is draft eligible to walk, stats be damned, to get that money. Which is why there was genuine shock when we heard the news on Boutte.

Which brings me to my final point. A week ago, I was really all in on the bowl game determining my mood and my fan lens on this season. It would carry my feelings most likely over the off season until spring ball. That is no longer the case. I can’t wait for next season and I think we are in an awesome spot where we currently sit. In my mind, we are getting 4 FIVE STAR ELITE players back in the fold next season. Boutte. Smith. Emery. and now bring on Mr Anderson. Retention of these studs plus JD might literally make us the favorite for the division next year. Even if we aren’t picked by the media, as a fan, are you really worried about a Jaden Milroe lead offense and the only scary beast on the defense being Kool Aid?

I am fine with how much we may need to utilize the transfer portal. I am also fine in realizing how much freshmen will need to play in the secondary next year. So be it. We are still technically rebuilding a roster in many aspects.

I’m gonna enjoy the build up to the game now that practice is starting up, I hope we look like those healed up teams with NFL talent everywhere, and if we don’t, that’s fine, let the kids play.

The first big domino to fall:

Brian Kelly Talks Kayshon Boutte’s Return to LSU - Sports Illustrated LSU Tigers News, Analysis and More.

I really think he got bad grades back. And those may have been 2nd round grades. But he has the potential to play himself into top receiver on the board status. Spring ball is gonna be massive for he and JD in terms of timing.

On the positive side of the HS kids prior to early Signing Day:

Recruits React to Successful LSU Visits, Raving on Social Media - Sports Illustrated LSU Tigers News, Analysis and More.

Had no clue. Not surprised:

Justin Jefferson, former LSU star, on pace to make NFL history with 3 games left in 2022 regular season (

He really is the best receiver in the league. He has done nothing but dominate since he walked on the field. I still can’t believe we had those two at WR in the same year on the same team. It is now going to be talked about on the same levels as Barry Sanders/Thurman Thomas but with a Natty to remember with them as well.

The Numbers are still very fuzzy:

LSU faces another cornerback rebuild. Here’s the plan to make sure a cycle doesn’t repeat. | LSU |

Denver Harris would be a cherry on top. But I am not going to lose sleep if he goes somewhere else. I just don’t want to see any flips on signing day that go against us. We simply need bodies. I think I have narrowed down my focus on Ricks announcement. His is the one that will affect me either way.

And by the way, that was a Final for the ages. And lots of folks shed lots of tears

I was one of them. I am not Argentinian, but I am old enough now to realize that Messi will be leaving my life on the grand stage, and what a way to exit. I remember him vividly bursting on the scene (while also not getting much playing time). As well as Di Maria. And I grew up watching most world cups on Telemundo. Which meant I listened to this man for decades. So when Hulu let me down yet again with the main Fox broadcast dropping out, I switched to the old trusty rusty Telemundo in dirty windshield mode. It was a 3 hour soliloquy. I loved it.