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LSU Signs 25 on Day One of the Early Signing Period

Tigers lose one commit, but gain another

SEC Championship - LSU v Georgia Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Day one of the Early Signing Period was kind of a ho hum affair for Brian Kelly and his football team.

LSU came into Wednesday with 25 high schoolers committed to LSU, and ended the day with 25 high schoolers signing their Letters Of Intent.

“The 25 that we signed we are super excited about,” Brian Kelly said. “I know personally I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with each one of them, and again as I said earlier—and have said consistently since taking the job—we gotta pull our base. Ten of them are from the state of Louisiana, they’re also a very talented group of players from this state.”

“We stayed in an SEC footprint for the most part. 21 of the 25 are from the SEC footprint. We did move nationally because of our brand recognition, but this is an SEC footprint.”

There was only one small change Wednesday: four-star corner Daylen Austin flipped from LSU to Oregon, but LSU was able to flip four-star tight end Ka’Morreun Pimpton from Vanderbilt into their class.

The 25 players who signed Wednesday are as follows:

  • OT Zalance Heard
  • DE Da’Shawn Womack
  • WR Shelton Sampson Jr.
  • CB Javien Toviano
  • WR Jalen Brown
  • DE Jaxon Howard
  • OL DJ Chester
  • RB Kaleb Jackson
  • OT Tyree Adams
  • S Kylin Jackson
  • RB Trey Holly
  • TE Mac Markway
  • QB Rickie Collins
  • S Ryan Yaites
  • TE Ka’Morreun Pimpton
  • LB Whit Weeks
  • WR Kyle Parker
  • ATH Khai Prean
  • S Michael Daugherty
  • LB Christian Brathwaite
  • CB Jeremiah Hughes
  • OT Paul Mubenga
  • TE Jackson McGohan
  • DE Dylan Carpenter
  • CB Ashton Stamps

Now the attention turns to Thursday, particularly the recruitment of five-star cornerback Desmond Ricks. LSU went into Wednesday feeling really good about where they stood with Ricks but that might not be the case anymore. On3’s Billy Embody and Shea Dixon dropped their confidence in Ricks going to LSU.

The confidence level on LSU’s end dropped significantly from where it was on Tuesday.

Shea Dixon

Bama hadn’t swung its final punch and I’m thinking the Tide win out as of now. LSU won’t give up, as they’ve poured a ton of resources in this one. That’s why I’m waiting to move my pick, but don’t be surprised if I do.

Billy Embody

One player doesn’t make or break a recruiting class let alone an entire football program, but if LSU does miss out on Ricks and Austin that’s a big blow considering corner is arguably the single biggest hole on the roster.

Stay tuned for the 2022 edition of “As the Crootin’ World Turns.”