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Link Gumbo: A positive Day

Get them to come back. Get them to sign. Replace them when they leave after Spring

SEC Championship - LSU v Georgia
He’s gotta ace 3 cycles. He’s done well through two of them
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It was around this time last year that we found out Nuss wouldn’t get the special waiver to play, which made us realize we would go into a bowl game without a starting QB. We are also realizing due to opt outs and transfers that we would carry a roster into Texas that stood somewhere around 39. (And by the way, what a two year period for Kansas State who has the very real possibility of beating two SEC heavyweights in back to back years with LSU and Bama. What a boondoggle that would be for them). And after that team of 39 played, seniors graduated and folks left for the draft, so like Posuer pointed out, we actually started the spring cycle with LESS than that.

And we still went on to win the West by ripping out the hearts of our nemesis and claiming the division crown 2 weeks before the regular season ended.

That sudden success changed our lens of this HS early signing day. We absolutely went into compete now mode. Good! Yesterday we did what we absolutely needed to do! Build roster depth, prevent as many flips as possible, get the majority of these bodies on campus, and counter balance misses/attrition by cherry picking in the transfer portal.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but a no point has LSU won the mythical recruiting title. And yet we still produced the most talented team in the history of the sport (get used to yesterdays pro bowl announcement littered with 2019 players, and plan for the future announcements to sprinkle in more). Awesome day. Four 5 star players signed. Out of this world O line depth. Needed secondary help with some options still up in the air.

And finally, retention of an incredibly talented roster that could have walked. I’m going to keep repeating this, LSU will most likely be favored to win the west next year, barring a spring injury. We somehow have more talent at receiver. At O Line. At Linebacker. At Tight End. At Safety.

Now go get some extra DBs and IDLs in the spring and in 2023.

There is gonna be some playing time available for this class, hope they are ready

LSU Signs 25 On First Day Of Early Signing Period – LSU (

The best method to build a roster is through the HS ranks. And each cycle is different. And my goodness does NIL make a difference. We now need the state to produce some top tier talent at positions of need over the next two cycles.

This would have been the only one that hurt if he flipped, and he didn’t

BREAKING: LSU Signs 5-Star WR Shelton Sampson Jr. - Sports Illustrated LSU Tigers News, Analysis and More.

same went for Zalance Heard. My heart beats a little different for Louisiana born players flipping at the list minute.

Pretty optimistic recap

LSU Football Recruiting: Five takeaways from early signing day (

Reminder: We will be missing starters as well

LSU Citrus Bowl: Brian Kelly on preparing for short-handed Purdue (

Once a year, Purdue reminds me they exist by demolishing a team they were not supposed to beat. I’m already happy where this LSU team stands going into next year, let’s just avoid injuries amigos.

The Ricks Saga in a nutshell

Hayes: Money rules craziest day of recruiting in college football history (

The best players will hold out for the bidding process. The smartest schools will use the majority of their funding for proven commodities with collegiate playing experience. Especially schools in need of a QB.

“or whether I should ask him for a follow back on Instagram...”