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Link Gumbo: Is Justin Jefferson gonna win the NFL MVP award?

He is the best receiver in the NFL. Are we gonna start talking about him being the best player?

NCAA Football: College Football Playoff Semifinal-Oklahoma vs Louisiana State
Four. There are only Four people in front of me in the odds for MVP
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Jefferson is on pace to break yet another NFL record. This time for yards in a season. If he does, has there been any other receiver with such an epic start to their career? There has been no regression. He has FREAKING KIRK COUSINS as his QB! There is no better route runner in the league. No receiver has better bend and body control getting into and coming out of breaks. Teams bracket him and it doesn’t matter. And the Vikings are just fun to watch.

He currently sits 5th in MVP odds. Another fun note, Burrow now sits second. So the 2019 team is already producing MVP level candidates. And BEAT two other candidates in that 2019 season. Jalen Hurts and until yesterday afternoon after interception number 3 Tua was in the top 10 in odds. What gives Jefferson a chance is the record he is chasing. He will continue to have eyes on him in the last few weekends of the year. If Hurts continues to sit with his injury and if Mahomes flops, we will have a tight race to the end. Nobody is running away with this thing right now.

They Played like Pro Bowlers in College. Now they are playing like MVP candidates:

NFL MVP Odds: Mahomes takes over as betting favorite (

So 2019 dominated the schedule given to them, which included 7 top ten teams, 7 NFL level QBs (one being the #1 overall pick) and 5 teams that finished in the top 20 in defense (two of them claiming the #1 spot during the season with UGA and Clemson). And now they are starting to sweep the rug out from under the 2001 Canes argument. Pro Bowlers. All Pros. Best Receiver in the League. MVP Canidates. Record breakers and record holders. And if Delpit/Stingley/Queen can start racking up some defensive accolades we may not need to wait until some of them make the Hall of Fame. It is just astounding.

I can’t get over the WR talent we are bringing in:

Q&A with Mike Detillier, Part 2: LSU’s RB & WR Signees - Dandy Don’s LSU Sporting News

Anderson just delights me. As does Harris at DB. We do have a random pattern of getting players we truly coveted, we are just getting them at the certified pre owned lot as opposed to off the show room floor.

Hopefully a good sign for positive vibes in terms of special teams

Aaron Anderson can immediately upgrade LSU in one specific area (

I just want the horror show to stop. I used to despise returning a ball because I don’t want the player to get hurt. Now I just want the self flogging to stop. And just a heads up, we are still pretty far behind with DB recruiting, which means the elite athletes we normally have on return teams will still be lacking.

Jefferson. Jordan be thy name:

LSU Announces Seven Transfers, Fill Positions of Need - Sports Illustrated LSU Tigers News, Analysis and More.

Look man, Justin and Rickey changed the tone of that name being announced. Justin specifically washed away all negativity of the 2011 team with his 2019 performance. And apparently this Jordan is a certified Freak athletically. If he just performs at the level of Wingo we hit a home run.

There is a little back and forth on the value of LSUs passing offense in the SECCG

First and 10: Now the real fun begins for Big Game Stetson Bennett (

LSU QB Jayden Daniels threw for 208 yards in the first half of the SEC Championship Game, and did so with an ankle sprain. He hit a big throw in the first quarter that Kayshon Boutte turned into a 53-yard touchdown and a 7-7 tie.

Then the Georgia offense ripped off a string of touchdown drives, and the defense did what it does best: pressure and affect the quarterback, and get 3-and-outs.

They typically get home with 4 or 5 in pass rush, which contributes to their success in coverage in the back end. Once it got to 35-7 against LSU, the focus slipped and the defense waltzed through a rout.

Or that’s what they’d like you to believe.

uhhhhhh folks, that display in the air was for real for real. That defense prepared for Daniels and his short game/dynamic running. He still performed until his ankle exploded again. Then the Nuss Buss showed them all how long a route can go. Yes they had the lead, but Nuss still got the ball behind them. Why would we argue they played a soft defense that prevents the ball from going over their heads and then ignore that Nuss completely threw it over their heads and demolished some bracket coverage? That 2nd half is all coaches needed to see from Nuss, he is set to go anywhere he wants if he so chooses. You can’t deny that arm talent. Dude can wing it deep from any angle and expose a defense. He also showed some scramble ability. This wasn’t the 4th quarter. This was when he got the game back to nearly single digits.

UGA will beat Ohio State by controlling the line of scrimmage and sitting on short routes. But if Stroud somehow opens up the field with some deep hits, that game is gonna turn on its head.