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Update: Boutte Boutte Boutte Boutte entering the draft

Kayshon announces he is going to enter the draft after more thought and consideration

NCAA Football: SEC Football Championship-Louisiana State vs Georgia
His last highlight
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I can’t fathom the mental hurdles it takes to come back from a completely destroyed ankle. Especially after the first surgery to fix that foot fails, recovery does not go as planned, and you have to go back in to repair the repair. For some, that injury lingers at all times in your mind.

Pair that with joining a program during a Covid Year.

Then pair that with a new coaching regime that is a complete flip style wise from the one that brought you in.

And I guess these circumstances semi explain Kayshon’s career at LSU. We thought we would be lucky to have him for 3 years, and 3 years later he is declaring for the draft.

He burst onto the scene from practice video of a ridiculous one handed catch off the back of a DB that turned some heads. Then he REALLY burst onto the scene breaking the single game yardage record for an LSU receiver against Ole Miss. This is just a couple of months AFTER Justin Jefferson reset the standard of a perfect game from a wide receiver in the OU semi final and Jamarr Chase set the still standing record of most yards in the NCG. He was up there with those idols in terms of performance.

Then the monstrous start to 2021, leading the country in TDs until the injury in Lexington. Commitment to come back stronger. And then things changed with Orgeron’s departure. And Eli Ricks bolting for Bama (and the weirdness of Boutte being paired with him in the grape vine). Then a declaration that he was all LSU. Gordon Got it done.

And what changed things perspective wise was the antics on the sideline of the FSU game. LSU has had an incredible line of leadership for the past few years. Devin White. Joe Burrow. And here is Kayshon. Your best player. Not acting like you would expect.

And the season did not go like anyone expected. Yet we won the west by stomping out the souls of the Tide in BR. And Kayshon started playing his best ball. Then stunned us all by announcing he would return. My assumption being he didn’t get the draft grade he wanted. And I think we all agree he showed flashes that he could truly play his way into first receiver off the board territory.

Then tonight occurs. LSU announces he won’t be joining them in the Citrus Bowl, yet is still enrolled? Rumors swirl of a suspension. Then he announces HE IS going to make himself draft eligible. Prior to announcing his return he had been listed the 5th best receiver prospect by McShay and Kiper. And I’m not kidding, January 16th (or whatever the final date is to declare and not be able to withdraw) is gonna have to pass until I believe this thing is all said and done.

BK comes out and says he supports him and that he put more thought and consideration into his status. Take that for what it is worth.

Plausibly, if you look at the WR draft class this year, it is poop. Pure Poop Poop. I would not be surprised at all if Kayshon dazzles in the workout process and works his way up the boards. But man oh man I am also really intrigued to see the subterfuge that comes out of his interviews.

Looking forward, it only confirms how awesome and important this WR recruiting and transfer class was for LSU. Anderson. Sampson, and those TEs. There are bodies there to make up for the 500 yards. But can they be the threat? Can they flash what he flashed? If he returned we would have had the best WR room in the conference. Possibly the country. This changes that, but we have options.

I wish you nothing but the best Kayshon. I also can’t wait to hear the whole story.