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Link Gumbo: Holy Crap the game is Monday

Good thing Louisiana produces high end talent at coveted positions on a yearly basis!

Alabama v LSU
“The NFL is that way. You hang back Eli. You chose to transfer and ya got humbled. See ya in a few years”
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Kayshon surprised us last night. He truly STUNNED us earlier in the month announcing he was coming back. His change in tune surprised us. It still feels like it snowballed from the school announcing he wasn’t making the trip, for that to come out first and then his draft announcement come out hours later is a littttttle suspect. A joint statement announcing his draft intentions would have softened the blow a little. But truthfully, for 99% of the year I was under the extreme belief that he would announce no matter what and we would see what Roy, Ward, and some others would do. Was thrown off for about 2 weeks there, and it probably cost us Bech, but this is the way. I think he loses some money with this decision. But I also believe he is gonna go find a spot and immediately earn a spot in the rotation.

And good thing our state and our school is absolutely top notch when it comes to procuring and producing truly high end Wide Receiver Talent! Clayton, Bowe (I know his Florida roots but the man was a bad ass with Russell and tore up the NFL), Doucet, Landry, Beckham, Dupre, Jefferson, Chase, Boutte, Sampson, the list goes on. And if we want to add in state talent that went elsewhere I have no clue which state competes with it. Seriously. Reggie Wayne, Dhaquille Williams, Devonta Smith. Rack em and stack em.

So mentally, I think we will be able to cover up the 700 yards lost. I also believe that JDs announcement to return was a bigger deal than Kayshon’s. Having a top flight receiver would have absolutely helped in his “development”. Thankfully Malik showed flashes that he could be that and now BTJ has to take the same massive step in progression that Malik did.

And now tell Nyckoles Harbor he has some yardage to grab on our roster.

And thank you Kayshon for that first down in the Bama game. You did what Trey Quinn should have done. Against Ricks nonetheless.

Roster looks the same, but very different:

LSU’s projected depth chart for Citrus Bowl (

All of a sudden we are missing some stars for this game. But so is Purdue. And I always believe we get more out of playing next years starters and giving them reps under duress. We may look out of sync, but we have a division to play for next year and need depth.

The best way to keep backup QBs happy is surrounding them with CHEEZE:

Speaking of Louisiana Talent doing well at WR:


I really think his math is fuzzy. It is probably more than that

McKernan says law firm spent $750,000 to $1M on LSU football NIL this season (

This is just one man with one budget. We will need more. Much more.