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Link Gumbo: What a ride on the Nuss Bus

Grossman? Favre? Doesn’t Matter. Nuss by Fiddy...

SEC Championship - LSU v Georgia
“Nabers gotta be down there somewhere”
Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

The second I saw JD run the ball on a designed option keeper and take two steps to cut I knew we were doomed. For LSU to win he needed to look like Mike Vick against FSU, and his cutting ability wasn’t there, which meant his full speed wasn’t there neither. I don’t know what it is about UGA in the SEC championship, but their pass defense gets flushed down the toilet consistently in that setting. 2019 LSU. 2021 Bama. 2022 LSU. JD came out confident and in charge, too bad our special teams did not. That kind of crap is deflating.

And there is Garrett. I can’t utter the words mop up, because starters were in, and he had a chance to pull the game within two touchdowns early in the 2nd half. I can utter passing scenarios abound because we couldn’t stop them and we had to play catch up. All that being said, the dude broke records. LSU records. SEC Championship game records (QBs combined we had the most passing yards in SEC Championship history). And just ripping up the vaunted #1 defense the second he walked into the game. He still made mistakes, but he looked like a different person from earlier in the year and that is usually a sure sign of being well coached. And this happened against Tua as well, but UGA has no clue what to do against a QB who can easily wing it 50 yards in the air no problem. They consistently gave up long bombs because I simply believe they are not used to seeing a ball fly like that in practice. I am dead serious. I know the Mailman doesn’t have that type of arm, and it shows with their safeties and DBs playing the ball. Malik Nabers is a bonafide star by the way.

Finally, UGA is most likely gonna win it, but if they lose, I hope the reason is Stetson being humbled in the greatest of ways. Somehow that dude has turned into a little bit of a villain. The small chihuahua coming into the fight and barking the loudest because he is surrounded by mastiffs.

The man has earned a little bit of rest

LSU football, Jayden Daniels injury update Citrus Bowl vs. Purdue (

and bowl practices usually give plenty of time to future players and 2nd strings. It will not hurt to give Nuss more time with these WRs just in case. I still think if Daniels has a killer bowl game then he makes himself eligible for the draft. A lot hinges on that performance and Purdue is the type of defense to make him look all world.

A pick me up after losing the last two games

Five things we learned about LSU in 2022 (

We learned we have a coach. And he knows how to build a staff. I now want to learn how loyal he is to Polian.

It’s cheesy, but it’s still amazing

Joe Burrow Accomplishes Amazing Feat in Cincinnati Bengals Victory over Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs (

This game is turning into the Manning/Brady type of must watch TV for the casual fan.

Transfer portal opens soon

I have an idea for the premise of “Ocean’s 21”