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Link Gumbo: UGA is the new Boogeyman. Bama is now Ohio State

Some Focus on recruiting Zod at QB. UGA focuses on recruiting Zods all around

LSU Tigers v Georgia Bulldogs
Look at the Big Brain on Kenny!
Photo by Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images

The CFP has kind of groomed us a little bit over the last 8 years. What should have been absolute chaos turned into a pretty reasonable selection Sunday. After the spots were filled, I pretty much agreed. I somehow agreed on a bunch of Non Conference Champions. Agreed on TWO Big Ten teams making it (where is the consternation here?). And agreed on a Big 12 team that lived on the edge all year and failed to win it’s own conference get in over Power Brands like USC, Alabama and dare I say the Vols?

There are still some things they did not get right. There is no explanation on earth that guides me into believing Bama should be ranked in front of the Vols. They played head to head, we all watched the Vols win. Don’t give me game control because at no point did I think Bama was in control of the Texas game, LSU game, UT game, A&M and even the Ole Miss game. Somehow Bama has fallen into just being a brand, and I’ll take it. Substance to back it up did not show up this year. I think they outsmarted themselves with their Offensive Philosophy, defensive recruitment restructuring, and priority on building around a super talented QB. They are following the Ohio State Model and they are getting the same results as OSU. They are getting punched in the mouth every year, they are rarely doing the punching. UGA is swinging like Iron Mike in Tyson’s Punch Out, the final boss, while Bama and OSU are Mr Sandman, still a lot of bite, but just get your timing down and you’ll get by them.

This is why I loved the SEC shorts this week. It just points out the obvious. When asked why Bama should be able to sneak on that flight, their answer was “Bama”. I rub this in now, prior to the portal changing my views, because looking at our main competitor to repeat as the west division champs, who on earth does Bama bring back for 2023??

Enjoy it while we can folks, the emperor has no clothes.

“Not part of my cherry picked assessment of my team’s performance...”

SBIII got invited to NYC, but Nuss will get invited to the RD 1 if he keeps playing like this

Guess who’s back...back again....

Get revved up for the spring folks

Six LSU players named to D1 baseball top 100 college prospects for the 2023 MLB draft |

That is a stacked roster at a multitude of positions. Still a lot of bats. We need pitchers to fill up the highly touted draft prospect spots.

PERKULES lost out on newcomer of the year. PERKULES plays the long game

Three LSU players named to AP All-SEC teams (

I understand the decision. Judkins got out of the gates and stayed consistent. PERKULES wasn’t unleashed until we faced the Kraken in Baton Rouge late in the year (I guess that is a greek landshark?)