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Link Gumbo: Awards Season

Welp, Will Campbell really is the next Andrew Whitworth

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 04 Allstate Louisiana Kickoff - Florida State vs LSU
Keep Truckin Buddy
Photo by Kevin Langley/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welp, one of the best assessments of a healthy program is the OLine. I really think it was the difference maker in our ability to go toe to toe with Bama and UGA this year. Our O Line held up, and if it didn’t, our dynamic QB got out of trouble. And this is what makes me ecstatic, we are in a great spot for the next few cycles in terms of O line retention and recruitment. Freshman All America honors came out and ho boy is it great to see Will and Emory get their accolades.


Mason Taylor allows us to cherry pick talent for TEs in the portal and in recruitment. His development has put us in a good spot.

Happy for these kids.

I think this is the most in the SEC:

Four Tigers Named to Freshman All-America Team - Sports Illustrated LSU Tigers News, Analysis and More.

Future looks bright. Now let’s go load up on DBs, RBs and more LBs to fill out these roster spots

Hidden Stats, we return two next year who will join this list

Three Football Players Named to AP All-SEC Teams – LSU (

Kayshon and Maason are gonna own these lists next season. Bank it

Should I read this as Daniels has already told the team he is coming back?:

What the Return of WR Kayshon Boutte Means for LSU Football (

If you watched the FSU game, these two were not on the same page. Malik Nabers made the most money this year. But a fully healthy Kayshon getting spring reps with his QB is obviously the timing work we need.

Brian Brohm. Bourbon Man

LSU’s bowl opponent at center of coaching carousel rumors (

Kinda. Kinda.:

LSU transfer portal: Brian Kelly’s patient approach, topping off the tank and positions of need - The Athletic

Defections have been limited, but bodies are still needed. 4 years worth of development will be great, but numbers wise we are not there yet. It’s pretty funny how much we gnash our teeth at special teams without acknowledging that for the past 10 years it has been 5 stars getting PT on ST and this year it is walk ons.

It is the most important aspect in regards to Bowl Practice:

LSU’s young talent that could emerge during bowl practices (

I hope we come out looking like teams of yore, well rested and looking like a buzz saw after 4 solid weeks of mental reps and tub time