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Link Gumbo: Roster Management Week

Really, this is done year round. But this is hot stove season

SEC Championship - LSU v Georgia
Just let us know when you can sir
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Jack Bech was a suprise. And still understandable. But outside of that my heart hasn’t sunk seeing new additions to the portal every day from LSU. And it won’t end soon. In fact, I expect many more after April and spring ball than I do in this winter session.

That being said, this roster was deplete to begin with, and every body must be replaced with another body that can match that skill set or position group, or we get major voids like we have in the secondary, linebacking and special teams corps.

And now, Jayden Daniels seems to be sitting on a pretty big decision for the program. The three game stretch of Ole Miss, Florida and Bama was going to get him drafted in Day 1. If he would have kept that level for Arkansas, A&M and UGA, that dude would be gone. But now, we have a very healthy QB room, which means that mentally we should prepare that if JD stays, we took our very last ride on the Nuss Buss.

And that is modern day football when you have QB and WR talent. Kayshon is gonna build up somebodies draft status, I just hope we find out soon. This is out of left field but with Nuss getting the reps with the 1s & 2s, is there any way he positions himself to start solely based on practice reps?

Finally, because of weeks like these as well as early signing, the Bowl game result will play a massive role in our feelings leaving the season. Beating Bama is gonna keep me high all off season, but expectations for next year will go to another level if we take down the Boilermakers.

Glenn. He of no last Name.

Kirby Smart, Brian Kelly Believe Less Is More With NCAA Transfer Portal – OutKick

It’s the approach I would like to take. But we have some spots to fill and fill quickly. Or we will continue to gnash teeth in regards to special teams play as well as looking beat up and depleted at the end of the year.

This just blows my mind on so many levels

Two of my favorite plays of the year ended up being two of the best plays of the year

LSU Football: Top 5 Tigers plays from the 2022 season (

That imagery and that win is gonna live forever in my mind. And how lucky are we that we get to enjoy this AFTER 2019. I had set myself as a fan after so much heartbreak that we would finally beat Bama in a meaningless year division wise, or worse, finally after Saban retired. But then we produce the greatest team in the history of the sport, set a Bryan Denny record as a visiting team. And shortly thereafter produce an absolute all timer of a game once a world pandemic finally ended and the home game really counted. Just beautiful.