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Will Wade Out At LSU

The American Gangster has met his end

NCAA Basketball: Alabama at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

After five long years of rumors, allegations and wins, LSU announced it has fired Will Wade and associate head coach Bill Armstrong in a statement from LSU President William Tate and Athletic Director Scott Woodward.

As you surely already know, the firing is not related to Wade’s win-loss record, but is the result of the multiple NCAA violations alleged to have taken place during his tenure. Redacted details of all the allegations have been released to the public.

We already know about Javonte Smart’s strong ass offer, but other allegations also include:

-Wade offering a job as an assistant coach to an associate of a prospective recruit

-Using a bank account under Wade’s wife’s name to pay an associate of a recruit to steer him toward LSU

-Paying a student-athlete’s ex-fiancée hush money after she threatened to tell the public that Wade was paying recruits

-Armstrong paying and doing favors for the friends and family of a recruit, including buying cars, getting apartments and securing visas for the recruit’s associates

-Failing to turn over personal messages and cooperate with the NCAA’s investigation

The NOA also included allegations against the football program. These included:

-John Paul Funes paying $180,000 to Vadal Alexander’s father

-Odell Beckham Jr. handing out roughly $2,000 in cash after the National Championship Game

-Ed Orgeron having illegal contact with a recruit in January 2019

The NOA does indicate the football program acknowledged the violations, cooperated with the NCAA and imposed its own sanctions.

In total, LSU is accused of eight Level 1 Violations, and is said to have lacked institutional control for eight years.

We’ll have more coverage and analysis over the next few weeks. For now, let your emotions out and enjoy the memes.