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Better Know a Freshman: Tygee Hill

Tygee is a TIGAH

Edna Karr. “Second to None”. A school mainly known for its Marching Band #TeamBustEmUp has also produced some great talent on the football field as well. Most notably, Patrick Surtain Senior. It also throws its name into the hat for the all name team with my favorite current Titan, Racey McMath (coming from a former Magnet school only makes this better). It’s most recent product to don the purple and gold comes into a loaded position group with time to grow and the body frame to do it.

The Story

Edna Karr has been on a pretty good run in 4A LHSAA. Hill walked into a program that had won 2 state championships prior to his Freshman year, earned a starting spot as a freshman on the D Line, and proceeded to help his team win two more in a row his Freshman and Sophomore seasons. I love that. Firstly because I hold NOLA HS football in high regard compared to other HS associations (this isn’t winning one in Iowa). And secondly, I think every team needs its fair share of players who know how to win. Didn’t stand out on a bad team, comes from a winning culture, plays their roles and responsibilities well, and brings that attitude up with them to college. Somehow, Miami and Alabama offered him before LSU. In fact it took a few camps for Hill to earn that offer from the Orgeron regime. And say what you want about Ed, the man knows defensive line talent. So in my mind, disregard the 3 star status. If Nick and Ed want you on their D Line, you can play.

The Film

The Future

There are six interior defensive linemen and one GALACTUS listed on the LSU roster. We have some STUDS this year, but I was surprised to see only seven total interior defensive linemen. Only Jaquelin Roy will be eligible for the draft after this season (and so far, some pundits have given him a first round grade, so I expect him to leave). The rest are sophomores or younger. This leaves room for development, but truthfully, Tygee’s best contribution to the program would be sticking power. Earn snaps, add to the frame in the weight room, wreak havoc on specialty packages, and be reliable enough to give a breather to our first two lines. His ideal formation is a four man, but his body is just big enough to play a 3 man if we get multiple down the road

High End: Devon Godchaux. Just surprises everyone, earns starter status, and makes a bigger name for himself by lasting in the league

Low End: 2nd and 3rd team reps and never breaks into the starting line up

Realistic: Please oh please just let him stay 4 years and provide leadership on how to win in the locker room and with good practice habits. Develop into a reliable starter as he grows into an upper classmen, keeps our trenches fortified, and shines like a diamond revealing the hidden jewel that he could be.