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Better Know a Freshman: Fitzgerald West

The center of attention hopes to become LSU’s next Center

Lafayette Christian Academy has become a pipeline for LSU and I have no problem with it. Acadiana has produced some legends, including my all time favorite Tiger, Kevin Faulk. His cousin and current LCA Head Coach Treverance Faulk is shipping another recruit across the Atchafalaya Basin to Baton Rouge. This time it is a Rougaroux for the offensive side of the ball, Fitzgerald West.

The Story

LCA has turned into a factory, both in developing top quality prospects as well as getting the most out of them at the HS level in terms of winning championships. Ftizgerald left a pretty good legacy in his time there, winning the state championship 3 out of his 4 years at the HS level. He played both sides of the ball for his team, but garnered attention for his finishing and mean streak as an Interior OL. He also threw shotput, which speaks to his strength and agility. He can play both sides of the ball, but LSU made it very clear in his recruitment that they want to see him at Center

The Film

The Future

Watching his film, you see him utilized at multiple spots, but you mainly catch him playing Center. At 6’3’ and 300+ plus you love to see the movement and ability to quickly get to to second level as well as pull from the guard position. LSU wants him at center and quite frankly needs him to develop at Center. Being able to swing in the interior gives us depth, but ideally he earns a red shirt to give some proper space between he and Dellinger. I like the plans they have for him, but I love the versatility he brings in case we need him on either side

High End: we get our next Cush. He masters the mental aspects of the game to take over the reigns after Dellinger leaves or falters.

Low End: He hops between positions due to attrition, never really masters one, and gets stuck in the purgatory of fillings needs rather than exceling in a specific spot.

Realistic: He stays on the offensive side of the ball. Reprieves others at the guard position his first two years. Develops into our starting center his 3rd year and guides Walker Howard to the right calls during a national championship run.