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Better Know a Newcomer: Tre’mond Shorts

ETSU reaaaaallllly skimped on the “uniform numbers” budget

Recent reports out of camp have shown a battle is brewing for the guard positions in the starting five. We can have confidence that it is a HEALTHY battle because of the aggressive approach Brian Kelly and Brad Davis took in the transfer portal in regards to the offensive line. They went out and nabbed two top 10 transfer portal linemen to drive competition, build depth, and bring experience to the trenches. That’s what you see with Tre’mond Shorts...EXPERIENCE...with a pretty high track record of acclaim. The question is, will that experience translate well coming from the FCS level?

The Story

An IOL prospect coming out of HS, Tre’mond took his talents to ETSU in Johnson City, Tennesseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I do not know what they fed him while he Red Shirted, either it was a bowl of nails or Wheaties everyday, but once the dude started playing, he just started earning every honor you could at the SoCon and FCS level. Freshman All America, 1st Team all Conference, and eventually 2nd team All American his RS Junior season. That would be his final season as a Buc, and he would enter the portal as a Graduate Transfer. He is known for his run blocking ability, and was rated the 9th best O Line prospect in the portal once he announced.

The Film

The only film I could find was from his HS days and I don’t think that would do him justice. Not even LSU posted film on him, which must mean ETSU has the tightest image rights deal on the planet.

The Future

As of today he is battling Anthony Bradford and Miles Frazier for a starting spot at Guard. Earlier in camp, he was working with the 1’s, but most recently he is being listed with the 2’s. In essence, he needs to be the presence that Kardell Thomas just hasn’t been able to provide. If Shorts wins out, we have a road grader ready to work.

High End: He turns into a Damien Lewis. He proves his strength translates at all levels. He keeps eating nails for breakfast.

Low End: His ability translates comparably to Liam Shanahan’s. (too soon??)

Realistic: The dude was coveted. He has been in college since 2017. He has done nothing but play at a high level since he stepped foot on a college campus. He solidifies the interior. He drives competition and not only pushes Bradford, but Martinez and others. He plays so well he earns a draft grade.