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Take a Look Tuesday: Week 0 Edition

Well then, Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt RB Rocko Griffin, middle (24), being grasped by Hawaii DB Hugh Nelson II, right (3), while DB JoJo Forest, left (8), closes in

Welcome to Take a Look Tuesday, a weekly look at what happened in the other games involving teams in the SEC. There was exactly one this weekend, and it was a bloodbath.

Vanderbilt 63 at Hawaii 10

On November 22, 1969, the Vanderbilt Commodores beat the co-SoCon champion Davidson Wildcats, a major college football team, 63-8. 19,721 days later, Vanderbilt scored 63 points on a major college football team again. The Commodores made it to Hawaii weeks before the game to prepare for the atmosphere (just admit you wanted a free Hawaiian vacation, nobody would’ve blamed you). It looked like that wasn’t going to work out when Hawaii drove down the field for a TD on the opening drive. Then Vanderbilt had a 8-play, 90-yard TD drive. Then Vandy got a scoop and score 9 seconds later. It didn’t look like a total bloodbath at the half. Then came the monsoon of Vanderbilt scoring 35 points in the 3rd quarter that was so bad, I turned the game off to watch New Mexico State-Nevada. Hawaii had the most chaotic offseason of any FBS team, which included Todd Graham meeting with the Hawaii State Senate over mistreating his players. That makes it tough to gauge what this means for the Commodores going forward. However, they adjusted quickly to a team they couldn’t scout easily and dominated, that’s awesome. Their next game is a home game at FirstBank Stadium (renamed August 29) against the Elon Phoenix, an FCS team.