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And the Valley Seeks Help

Come join the team!

NCAA Football: Miami at Louisiana State Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, y’all Zach here.

You might have noticed that the ATVS staff has been dwindling lately. Billy and PodKatt retired from the blogging game; Seth Galina and Kenn Landry have gotten the call up to the big leagues and are full-time writers for PFF and MLB respectively; and life and all of its obligations has kept Adam and Poseur away.

So, as we are now two weeks away from the 2022-2023 LSU athletic year beginning, I come to you asking one question: anyone wanna write about the Fightin’ Tigers of LSU?

I’m looking for people interested in writing about sports to give me a holler. Want to cover year one of the Brian Kelly or Matt McMahon era? Hit me up. Want to document Kim Mulkey’s quest to lead the women’s hoops team back to the Final Four? Hit me up. Want to chronicle Jay Johnson hopefully getting us back to Omaha next summer? Again: hit me up.

As far as #content goes, I’ll take any and all ideas. Football is the engine that drives this train and I can’t get enough of those types of stories. But if you’re more of a track and field person or volleyball person or soccer (SELL THE KITS LSU!) or literally any sport LSU participates in go ahead and reach out, too.

While not necessary, I’d love to have someone in or around the Baton Rouge area that could be a boots on the ground presence for us. But if you’re not don’t worry! I live in Nashville, Max is in Connecticut, and Poseur’s in Texas. You can one thousand percent do this blogging thing remotely.

If anyone’s interested in writing for us give me a shout. Y’all can either send me an email at, or shoot me a DM on Twitter. You can either send them to my personal handle (@ZacharyJunda) or the site’s handle (@ATVShook).

Thanks, y’all. Geaux Tigers.