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Better Know a Freshman: Nathan Dibert

Kickers are people, too

Hartland HS Kicker Nathan Dibert kicking a FG Livingston Daily

LSU’s been spoiled at the kicker position the past four years. Cole Tracy in 2018 and Cade York the past three years were nice breaks from years in which 45-yard field goals weren’t always guarantees. LSU has 4 kickers on the roster, but we’re only here for one: Nathan Dibert.

The Story

247 Sports ranked Dibert a 3-star recruit and the 6th-best kicker in the class of 2022. Kohl’s Kicking Camps ranked the 5’11”, 207-pound lefty 5 stars and the No. 2 kicker in the nation, though those rankings come from his appearance at their 2021 National Scholarship Camp in June of that year, which I’ll get to more in a moment. During his time at Hartland High School in Michigan, he hit multiple 50+ yard field goals, with his long last year being from 53. He’s also apparently a damn good kickoff specialist with a mammoth for a leg, but don’t take my word for it.

What The Scouts Say

“Dibert won Kohl’s 2021 National Scholarship Camp kick-off charts. In May, he won the field goal competition at the Midwest Showcase. He is very powerful on both his kicks and punts! His kickoffs and field goals were CLEARLY dominant. He showed unique field goal range and kickoff distance at multiple camps. Dibert has a big leg that will help him in the SEC. The lefty was able to hit many of the biggest kickoffs in the country. His field goals are impressive and consistent. He made 24 out of 25 kicks at one point in camp. Dibert is a talented lefty that has a D1 leg and will be able to compete early in college.” – Kohl’s Kicking Camps website profile

The Film

The Future

It’s tough to figure out what a kicker is going to do when making the adjustment from high school to college, but damn if this dude can’t hit bombs.

High End: What if Cade York and Avery Atkins were the same guy? That’s the high end.

Low End: He doesn’t do a thing and transfers out because he’s no good

Realistic: Somewhere in between those two things, kickers are volatile and you never know what you’re gonna get out of them.

If he can do either kickoffs or field goals up to his potential, he’s a massive asset for Brian Polian’s side of the ball. I just hope he can run a fake like Colt David, #BringBackFakeFGs.