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Link Gumbo: What a weekend

Baton Rouge threw a block party inside Tiger Stadium

NCAA Football: Southern at Louisiana State
Scott Clause-USA TODAY Sports

Folks, that looked like a blast. And during the Miles regime, how much money would you have paid to see LSU do that in cupcake game? Put them away early, get PLENTY of reps to your back ups, show your 2nd String QB what they need to work on, etc. It was a get right game mentally. And we saw some changes to the O Line and I’m interested to see how it looks against State. NOLA dot com dives into their film study. SI gives their observations from the game. The Human Jukebox serenates the sidelines. The most casual on field appearance of the night. College Football at it’s best this weekend and Boone NC took the cake on revelry. Justin Jefferson got the greatest compliment one can receive over the weekend. And SEC Shorts is probably gonna deliver a JEWEL this week.

We get our film review for those who want a little more detail:

Film review: LSU makes ‘concerted effort’ to give Kayshon Boutte the ball early | LSU |

SI Goes back to give some thoughts on the different approaches from Saturday

Three Observations from LSU’s Victory Over Southern - Sports Illustrated LSU Tigers News, Analysis and More.

Just because. And now good luck getting it out of your head for the rest of the day:

It’s the hand on the hips that get me here. Like he designed the play in a spring scrimmage

All of a sudden there is silence coming from South Bend

Marcus is going to be a great coach and he is going gang busters on the recruiting trail. But this is a big lump to take.

Boone threw the biggest party of them ALL

This looks like a dance sequence in a movie. Where all of a sudden a parade of people show up to synchronize with the lead. Just instead of professing their love to the heroine of the movie, they are showing their love to the their football Warriors pulling it out in Aggie Land.

Justin Jefferson is breaking all the right records....

...And when you do that, you get compliments like this, from LEGENDs like this:

Wow. And I say that because you can tell he means it. He sees the dude twice a year.

Finally, some stories never change...