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Link Gumbo: Tuesday

Some positive signs surfacing for depth this week

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch
Might Need this man’s services
Joshua A. Bickel/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

It’s an early one today and if I start doing my job well you can start timing these up right before you fire up your computer at work. We start with some humor from SEC shorts. They go a little bit out of our regular geography but it doesn’t matter. Coach 30 is somehow even funnier, and again, he is an incredible follow on the socials. Depth is imperative against an Offense like Miss State, and it looks like we will have some key returnees at Corner and DL to help in the rotation. Jayden Daniels signs and NIL deal that is what I envisioned they would be when the idea was originally proposed. Cade York kicks an absolute piss missile to win the game for his new team. And finally, internet humor.

Just a Jewel from SEC Shorts

The sarcasm here and vital reads are spectacular. Hope has been a cruel mistress to a large degree of our conference counterparts (and soon to be counterparts). I am seeing the narrative change a little and recognizing some push back on Bama getting away with a lot more than it should when it comes to national narrative. And wow, when Bama actually goes on the road to a packed house for an 11 am kick off, they look like a team that isn’t used to that. Maybe they will pipe down about Austin being a tough environment in 2019 and 3&17. Maybe. But good night, does A&M deliver the same punch line year in and year out. Georgia did what it took to kick Hope out of the house, A&M just keeps slipping on the banana.

I am now anticipating this man’s drops every week:

“I didn’t Lyft all summer, I didn’t even Uber...while my teammates look like two contestants from Wipe Out...” LOL. He’s brilliant.

Some positive momentum on the Sevyn Banks watch:

Brian Kelly says Sevyn Banks may play vs. Mississippi State (

At this point it may be too late to expect stud status from him. I have no clue how you get reps if you are not cleared to play from a hip issue. Rust will be a major factor. Where I see this as good news is just depth being added. It may not be this game but if he can be 100% 3 weeks from now it is a positive thing for this team and this DB room.

The get right game also allowed us to get some folks well:

LSU football’s BJ Ojulari expected to return against Mississippi State (

DL depth is a necessity. It’s how we have beat MSU in the past, having our front four be able to create havoc without having to blitz. BJ can create that Havoc. This is also the type of offense that GASSES D linemen, crossing routes and RB leaks. They are fine with you tackling them for a 5 yard gain, especially if you ran 10-15 yards towards the sideline to make that tackle. This is good news for a game like this.

Jayden getting $$$ on the real for Autographs and Memorabilia

LSU QB Jayden Daniels Signs Unique NIL Deal - Sports Illustrated LSU Tigers News, Analysis and More.

Before the true chaos ensued, I really thought this was one of the easiest avenues for players to make NIL money. This and jersey sales at games. That is not the case.

Cade York pulls out the BOOM STICK for the win

Folks. That hit the net from 58 yards. On a game winner that he had to rush. That may have been good from 65. It was one of 4 made FGs for him on the day. When you have the Browns social media screaming “THATS WHY YOU DRAFT A KICKER” you know the pick was worth it. One game into his season. And friendly reminder, it is now only LSU that could field and entire team with draft picks over the last 10 years. This absolutely includes special teams positions like LS, PK, & Punter. No other program can say that. Florida is pretty close though.

Just because

that’s it for today