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Playing Nice: Mississippi State

Landon Young joins us to preview LSU’s SEC opener against Mississippi State

For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

SEC play is on the horizon and for the third year in a row LSU will open conference games with Mississippi State. Joining us for our annual State preview is Landon Young from our sister site For Whom the Cowbell Tolls and Maroon and White Nation from the FanSided network.

1. Ole Miss won the national championship in baseball the year after you guys did while y’all didn’t even make it to Hoover. That’s gotta suck, right?

Hey do you want me to answer the rest of these questions? No, oh okay. Bye!

2. State’s played an interesting pair of games to open 2022: hosting Memphis in week 1 and traveling to Tuscon to take on Arizona last Saturday. How have these two games prepared MSU for the conference opener?

Alright I’m back. I’ve gained my composure after reading that first question. To put it simply, Mississippi State was a much more talented team than Memphis and that’s why Mississippi State ran through the first week of the season. Last week’s game vs. Arizona was a little different. That game screamed weird. Going to Tucson was a great test for Mississippi State because of the weirdness surrounding that game. Look, I know it’s not Death Valley, but it was weird.

3. How do you view the Mike Leach era through two plus seasons in Starkville? Is he meeting, exceeding, or falling below expectations?

I think he’s meeting expectations. Mike Leach has proven that he always makes a large jump in year 3. Let’s pray that happens again with Mississippi State.

4. Will Rogers has been awesome to start 2022, but how far can he take the Bulldogs once the meat grinder that is conference play begins?

I think Rogers has potential to take the Bulldogs really far. In his 3rd year as the starter of the Mississippi State football team, he’s already shown improvement. I think it will carry over into SEC play as well.

5. Do you guys wanna be in our pod whenever the SEC welcomes in Texas and Oklahoma? Who else would be podded up with us and should we make a separate group chat where we talk shit about them?

HAHA! I love this idea. I currently live in Texas, and now I hate the Big 12 even more.

6. I guess I should ask you how you think Saturday’s going to go. Can State win in Baton Rouge for the second time in a row or does Brian Kelly finally restore order to the universe?

TWO IN A ROW BABY! Will Rogers becomes the third starting Mississippi State quarterback to get a win at Death Valley in 8 years. 32-24 Bulldogs.