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Link Gumbo: Is today Thursday?

Two stars that were around in 2019 re emerge this week

Utah State v LSU
Emery is BACK BABY
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Respect is building up for MSU in this game. Vegas is keeping them as the favorite to win this game, and national media is starting to notice what is obvious, that the Bulldogs might have the best defense they have had in the Leach era. The #1 running back recruit in the nation finally comes back to join the ranks. The Oklahoma series gets canceled, to make room for....the Oklahoma series. The 2011 team is being honored this weekend at halftime. And a return I didn’t expect nor realize occurred last Saturday, and I hope it becomes a regular thing.

Coach Kelly acknowledged Emery’s return and speaks to what he brings:

Long-awaited return of Emery to LSU’s backfield should be boost for Tigers – Tiger Rag

It has been a loooooooong time coming. And BK is right to temper things. Walking right into an SEC game with a strong DL and LB core may bring us back to reality real quick, but if there is ANY RB on the roster right now that can make a bad o line look better it is Emery. I just hope he holds onto the ball and blocks who is supposed when he is supposed to.

Narrative is starting to catch up for MSU, their defense is looking good

Too many people are sleeping on MSU, which is dangerous for LSU (and the rest of the SEC West) (

Will Rogers is looking sharp, the running game gets yards when asked, but what makes this MSU team formidable is their D Line and LB corps. This might be the most talented D Line Mike Leach has had, and it is allowing their 3-3-5 to bottle up run games. This will be a test for our O Line and we need to pass it if we want to win.

LSU Formally took Oklahoma off the schedule to make room for Texas and Oklahoma:

LSU home-and-home non-conference football series with Oklahom canceled – Crescent City Sports

Had to be done. And I just CAN’T WAIT for a conference road trip to Norman. I am also telling you all right now to save up your money for the trips to Austin. The scene is a blast and the Queso is spectacular (cheese goes a long way in determining how I judge a city)

Honorary Captains for this game hail from the 2011 team

Times of Interest vs. Mississippi State – LSU (

And how great was 2019? So great that it was cathartic for 2011 Highlights for me. That demon is gone. The 2011 team is one of the greatest in the history of the sport and came across a rarity that has never happened before in the sport. Even a 2 loss team had won a national championship before LSU did in 2007. No team had ever lost it’s conference, let alone it’s division, and got rewarded with an automatic bye to the NC Game. That 2011 team beat the Big East Champion, The Pac 12 Champ, were the SEC champions, and if things played out like they should have, would have beat the Big 12 champs. Alabama beat Penn State. And truthfully, Bama’s best win was a loss to a generational LSU. And now I can look back and smile on those wins. Oregon was a blast. West Virginia was a MASSIVE BLAST. So if you want, read about some of the highlights that used to be shrouded.

LSU Football: 5 Best Moments of 2011 | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors | Bleacher Report

Finally, Will Stout returned for the Southern Game, and he’s still got it:

For those who may not know, Will was one of the talents (if not the main talent) behind the greatest highlight video productions in my lifetime. 2019 videos kept building and building, the stars came out to narrate, and the team kept piling on incredible footage. No brand or team has come close to the run of videos we had in 2019. Will left to finish his degree at USC (straight up recruited by Helton) but it looks like he graduated and is free lancing. PAY HIM ALL THE MONIES LSU, HE BROUGHT US THE GREATEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME

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