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Link Gumbo: Is this Gumbo Weather I see?

If at any point it drops below 60 degrees I just start chopping and prepping the Cajun trinity

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Auburn v LSU
Whoooooo weeeeee I guaranteeeeeeeee

A Link Gumbo out before the school bus rolls through?? It’s a rarity but it is also a Friday. LSU is hosting some major recruits this weekend, most specifically from the IMG academy. BK updates the status on some folks who have been working on the sidelines as of late. Colin Cowherd had Joey B on a podcast and it is a great listen. He speaks to his chemistry with Chase and it’s humble beginnings. Matt Hayes gives us a whip around on some themes to watch in regards to the better games on the SEC docket this weekend (and LSU/MSU might end up being the biggest one Conference wise). Our massive failure’s with academic eligibility are well documented. They won’t be fixed overnight, but Brody Miller covers a key figure who will play a major role in that turnaround. Finally, MY WORD DERWIN...

One More Layer of separation from the stigma of BK can’t recruit

LSU Set to Host Trio of IMG Academy Prospects This Weekend - Sports Illustrated LSU Tigers News, Analysis and More.

IMG isn’t necessarily a feeder program for LSU, and in fact, in the past I saw it as a detriment if a LA kid moved down there. That was usually the death knell for LSU’s recruitment chances. But BK is looking at positions of need and going after the best and that’s what we want to see.

Some follow up from the Head Coach on the status of some notable players

Brian Kelly talks Micah Baskerville, John Emery, Sevyn Banks, & more (

The most dangerous passing duo in the sport had to start somewhere

‘I’m an Ohio guy’: Joe Burrow talks about why Bengals are perfect match for him, and more (

Say what you want about Colin, when he decides to focus on a player he does a great job with his 1 on 1 interviews. This is no different with Joey B. They pull some quotes from the POD but there are some jewels throughout the whole thing. Worth a listen on a car ride or at home.

Matt Hayes plays up the storylines, and he puts some RESPEK on MSUs name

Hayes: Your complete guide to Week 3 in and around the SEC (

MSU looks daunting. If we can’t run then we are in for a shootout. But somehow this is the biggest conference match up of the weekend in terms of evenly matched teams. Will Rogers is coming in with the hype, but I think Jayden Daniels makes a name for himself tomorrow night and gets us over the hump.

He won’t fix it all at once but he will play a major role in the turnaround:

How LSU’s Dr. D.F. Arnold became one of Brian Kelly’s most important hires - The Athletic

Great job from Brody finding a little jewel sitting the in football facility offices. Dr Arnold has a pretty incredible background and his energy oozes from the pages. Every program needs someone who can truly relate. Strength coaches play a part in that, but you need glue guys like Dr Arnold to act as a conduit between players and coaches. Great read. I don’t see him being the single reason we rectify our academic eligibility woes, but I do see him being a positive influence on the team.

Finally....Momma, there goes that man....