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Link Gumbo: Competent Defense Edition

Great win. Division Rival. Special Teams needs some special attention though

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NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Louisiana State
Harold be thy name
Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

I have a feeling we are gonna experience a ton of games like that this season. And State had some aspects they brought to the table that did not match up well with LSU. But apparently, so did LSU. Plenty more to come this week but today focuses on the recaps and storylines generated out of this game. The first being that Denbrock can’t keep wasting a full half and multiple first down plays to get Jaden in rhythm. They need to go tempo earlier. Establishing a running game like we did Saturday will only help with that. Nola dot com reminds us that a QB like Daniels can take over a game. With the win, LSU moves up in the power rankings, and outside of the top 2, my feelings have changed in terms of matching up with those ahead of LSU currently. Boutte still needs to figure things out, but that is fine because Malik is developing into a hell of an option. Jarvis gets a honor at home. And Luke Combs is a lyrical genius.

The advertisers recap:

LSU football rallies past Mississippi State; Brian Kelly’s 1st SEC win (

Matt House did not come out with a normal defense against State and it wasn’t a debacle. I simply believe that we do not have enough bodies for the back end and he had to be creative. And it worked.

We can’t take this long to get rolling, but man o man when we do get in rhythm:

How LSU went from ‘shooting ourselves in the foot’ to a comeback win vs. Mississippi State | LSU |

Jaden will not last all year diving for 7 yard first downs. And he will put us in bad down and distance situations if he can’t hit his primary receiver slanting over the middle. But game by game, Denbrock hopefully finds sets that work for this group. And I thought Emery provided a spark and a threat, that was great to see.

Mooohhhooooovin’ on upppppppppp:

SEC Power Rankings: Ranking every SEC team after Week 3 (

Not used to 7th. But also familiar with feeling like we can beat any team in front of us. Tennessee looks different. Arkansas looks way different. AND I LOVE that Texas A&M thinks Max Johnson is the best option.

Brode acknowledging what everyone saw, Malik Nabers might be Daniels favorite Option:

LSU observations: Fire comes out in Jayden Daniels, Tigers defense might be back - The Athletic

Jarvis gets a wonderful Honor

Long neck Ice Cold slight comin’ from Luke Combs