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Link Gumbo: First Ever Meeting Week

Allegedly LSU has never played New Mexico State. Allegedly

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Bring em out bring em out

As the week progresses I am feeling better and better about Jay Ward being moved around, Emory Jones play on the line, and Harold Perkins taking on a Marcel Brooks type role early on. Folks, when you can time blitzes like that and get home like he does it brings a massive element into our Defensive Looks. We get a glimpse at our up coming opponent. John Emery feels a good kind of way after last game. In case you missed it, LSU released the 2023 Football schedule. BK gives a glimpse of how he wants to utilize Harold. And baseball is cleaning up on the recruiting trail.

New Mexico is no longer the worst team in FBS:

LSU vs. New Mexico: How to watch, numbers to know and storylines to follow | LSU |

John showed some flashes, and I hope he gets into game shape very quickly:

LSU’s John Emery Jr. was nervous, but elated, to play again after being sidelined for 21 months | LSU |

We will need him. Armoni showed he could read the right hole and burst through, but Emery showed flashes of what he can do when the window gets smaller. His jump cutting ability is frightening.


Football Releases Complete 2023 Schedule – LSU (

Perkins is already showing some value:

Pay that man his money. If we offer up another threat outside of BJ on the edge then we are getting right back into fronts that Matt House excels in. We do not have the back end talent to force coverage sacks on a regular basis in man coverage. But this level of athlete is giving us time on the back end to hold them down. His development and improvement are going to play a major role in the ceiling of the defense this year.

Jay Johnson....Jay Johnson

LSU Baseball: Tigers’ 2022 recruiting class ranks No. 1 (

This was already locked down but it is never bad to remind yourself. Omaha books out pretty well before June.