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Link Gumbo: Smoke in the Air

Gonna have to see what the NCAA is talking about

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There is smoke in the air

Vibes changed this morning with the announcement of a zoom call in regards to LSU and the D1 Committee on Infractions. Early words are coming out it revolves around James Cregg, who can hit for the cycle on suing LSU and winning for wrongful termination while all the while still leaving LSU with penalties due to his actions. As Louisiana as it gets. To cover some football topics, it sounds like Bech and Banks are a full go this Saturday. Some players to keep your eye on for the Lobos. Some positive figures that stick out a quarter through the season. And finally, what we think the NCAA will talk about today. More to come on that later

Bech I’m from Louisiana and I am now Healthy

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The Lobos have a few playmakers on both sides

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Surprisingly good stats that point to a more positive future than we thought 2 weeks ago:

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Does this being a Zoom call make me feel better or worse?: