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Link Gumbo: After a Dash of D.O.

Let’s see if they bring the same amount of spice as they did to the Southern Game

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One part of our HYDRA at RB

Late post for a Friday read. LSU already had a get right game, this feels more like a Meld game. Let’s be clear, New Mexico is a better team than Southern, but I want to see the all out attack mode the team showed on all levels 2 weeks ago. Yesterday’s news about NCAA infractions was a little more low key than expected. Kayshon is welcoming a baby into the world! The Line needs games like this to garner experience and cohesion for the unit. Jayden Daniels went on PAWWWWWLLLLLLL. Some QBs in town on official and unofficial, and the un official is the more positive sign here. Nabers is bouncing back pretty well and turning into option 1B...and possibly 1A. And Sting is getting the right praise from the right folks.

Show Cause for Cregg, Probation for LSU:

Recruiting violations occurred in LSU football program -

A couple of notes. Cregg somehow won his suit for wrongful termination AND STILL ENDED UP WITH A SHOW CAUSE VIOLATION ON HIS RECORD. Secondly, it looks like compliance did it’s job of being proactive once they realized the infractions occurred, but I wonder aloud if this Probation will come back to haunt us with the bigger investigation still going on?

Kayshon is a dad!

LSU WR Kayshon Boutte to miss New Mexico game with excused absence – Crescent City Sports

Good for him and blessings for his new family.

Prove you can run, then get off the field:

LSU offensive line continues to tune up before the heart of the schedule, must continue to build trust (

I can envision this unit staying on the field a little longer, even if LSU reaches a pretty good lead early on. And that is understandable, this unit needs to sharpen communication, responsibilities and gain some trust back with our QB. And my goodness if we could really get the run game going in this game my outlook for Auburn will change.


LSU QB Jayden Daniels details ‘culture shock’ of coming to Baton Rouge (

I thought he did an awesome job in the interview. They even bring up Herm, and he rolls right out of it. Great job of representing your new school Jayden.

It’s the 2024 prospect that we should really notice here:

LSU Set to Host Pair of Blue-Chip 2024 Quarterbacks - Sports Illustrated LSU Tigers News, Analysis and More.

Coming back on your own dime from Cali. Wanting to close out your recruitment soon. Positive vibes here.

There are no negatives when it comes to him developing into a star:

How Malik Nabers’ rise and Kayshon Boutte’s slow start are connected for LSU | LSU |

Malik showed flashes. He also showed he could be a go to. If Boutte get’s rolling and these two become the heat seeking touchdown missiles we expect them to be, then watch out.

Lovie loves Stingley