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Postgame Recap: New Mexico

Okay lmao nobody cared about that, let’s move on.

NCAA Football: New Mexico at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Look, the best outcome for games like this is disinterest. If you play a team like New Mexico and find the game worth thinking about after it’s over, something happened that really wasn’t supposed to.

Aside from a concerning-looking leg injury to Armoni Goodwin, everything went fairly smoothly. It was a very smooth, controlled blowout. It’s the kind of businesslike butchery you want from games like this. On offense, Jayden Daniels played an incredibly comfortable, decisive game in which he produced his best output as a passer even without Kayshon Boutte. He left with an injury, but appeared able to go back in with no problem if the game were close for whatever reason. It doesn’t tell us much about Daniels because it’s New Mexico, but it’s still a Rocky Long defense that can do some good things schematically so, mission accomplished. LSU’s coaching staff was open about their desire to work Jack Bech more into the game and they did. Early on, they emptied out the backfield, put Bech at the number 3 receiver spot to the passing strength, and ran “hoss juke,” which is a concept designed to clear out space for a guy and have him run a choice route where he has the option to settle, break-in, or juke outward (pictured below). It’s a good concept so I hope they use it more with him. I’d like to see him get the ball on more downfield stuff like seams, digs, deep crossers, and other stuff teams use big slots for, but this is a good start.

Noah Cain also had a bit of a breakout day after the Goodwin injury (which is, again, concerning). They spread the ball around

On defense, BJ Ojulari and Major Burns sat out, but Matt House, Ali Gaye, and the boys facing one of the worst offenses in the entire FBS is going to go the way it went, they held them to 88 yards. Harold Perkins saw increased responsibility and looked comfortable as well, which is a great sign.

Mission accomplished, let’s move onto the fun games. Auburn next week, Tennessee after. A note about that, I will be in Baton Rouge for the Tennessee game, so if any of you guys wanna hang out, grab a drink, and talk some ball, I’ll be on campus (particularly at the DVA tailgate). I love to meet new people.