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Link Gumbo: Victory Monday

“Doesn’t matter what you call ref....we got Matt House...”

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NCAA Football: New Mexico at Louisiana State
Moving as one unit in the right direction
Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Folks, that game was hard to find, but easy on the eyes. Shutouts are always nice, especially down four starters. Daniels was more deliberate in his reads and with his time in the pocket. The running game is getting less rusty (yet still needs more polish). I checked the forecast though, and we can all see it coming. I’m not referencing the Hurricane, I’m talking about a nail biting, scream at the TV kinda finish that happens in Jordan-Hare. Let’s review the Auburn Checklist: Last second win stealing victory from the jaws of defeat? Check. Hapless Play at QB with Multiple injuries? Check. Underutilization of their star player 4 games in? Check. Already burned through half of your Auburn Jesus candle? we can always get another one! The supply is endless!! It’s coming and we know it.

But back to us. Some recaps below pointing out small changes that lead to the big victory. We also get some highlights from our favorite pair. Someone is dropping in with the Big Orange Chopper into the Top 10. And THE COMMENTs on Big Lots Burrow doing an LSU dance has me cackling.

We get a general recap that speaks more to the back ups playing big roles:

LSU on right track as first SEC road test looms – Crescent City Sports

It was very nice to see Nuss playing more settled. Temp helps Daniels, but we may discover it’s the same way for Nuss. He may still be over decisive prior to the snap, but his arm is no joke. I don’t like seeing Jayden go down, but he looks fine. And it put Nuss in a “game in balance” type scenario. A 17 point lead is comfortable, but not a blow out. He needed to show poise and he did just that.

The Difference between a QB coach background and DLine coach background

LSU Football: What Brian Kelly said after New Mexico win (

It is oversimplification, but we are seeing some small snippets of Kelly’s expertise with the offense and specifically with fundamentals at the QB position. The QB room has acknowledged this when comparing the old regime. This article speaks to the simple fix of getting back and in rhythm, which slows down processing and keeps pace with the play design. And if the QB is back and ready to read the primary option coming out of his break in the right window, then we might see more production out our primary receiver i.e. Boutte. Having fast feet and a slow mind is pretty simple but we saw the difference.

Great recap by Bode:

LSU observations: Jayden Daniels, Tigers offense find what they’ve been looking for - The Athletic

No sunshine pumping, but I like the way the secondary is coming into form. If we get any semblance of a formidable run game, then folks we become a very dangerous team. Not a run the table type of team, but a “we can beat anyone” type of team. We just don’t have the depth. It shows in our special teams. We were fortunate to avoid seeing our punt team, because it would quickly remind us the of the rebuild aspect we are still in. I love how clean our punters jersey was.

Same OLD same OLD

I am happy for Vols fans and even happier to see the GATAHs lose

Folks, the emergence of a solid Tennessee team is a pretty big deal. Of course, OF COURSE we play them this year when they are on a hot streak, but I will take it if it means they develop some talent and show some staying power. As an LSU fandom, we really need a good UT team. They at least need to provide a body game for Bama, and what I mean is a true game, non blow out, keep the starters on the field, body blow, tight game. This year’s “Third Saturday in October” will look more like basketball on grass, but who cares, it looks like it will finally be a game!

Mac may want to come up with a new dance:

Just go read the comment section. “Fruity”. Some of them made me laugh out loud. Shortly after this he went on to throw 3 INTs and cost his team the game. I do love that the one Bama player who tried to scream in existence that 2020 bama should be compared to any great team is the one dancing to an LSU BASED AND ASSOCIATED DANCE. Big Lots Burrow, keep being you bud.