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LSU-Tennessee to Kickoff at 11 A.M.

Thanks I hate it

Well this sucks.

The SEC announced TV times for week six’s games and LSU vs. Tennessee will get the dreaded 11 A.M. kickoff time. Tiger fans were hoping it wouldn’t be a 2:30 game and the monkey’s paw obliged.

October 7 was selected as the CBS annual day/night doubleheader and many thought LSU-Tennessee would get stuck playing in the 2:30 slot. Instead that space will be occupied by Auburn-Georgia, while the primetime 7:00 game will be Texas A&M-Alabama.

LSU-Tennessee in Tiger Stadium should have been an incredible environment. Assuming both the Tigers and Vols win this Saturday, we would’ve had a top-10 Tennessee team rolling into Baton Rouge for the first time since the infamous 2010 13 men on the field game. Instead the big orange thing Tiger fans will aim all their vitriol toward will be the damn sun.

Get the mimosas and Mary Lee doughnuts ready. It’s gonna be a long morning.