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Link Gumbo: FCR week

Plains, Trains and Hurricanes

NCAA Football: Auburn Spring Game
TJ Will not get to Play
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

I can feel it, in my plummmmbs. The more dire the Auburn situation looks, the more nervous I get about this game. We can see them running the ball in a slop fest and exposing our LB corps and D Line depth, right? We can see bad weather affecting our QB and his scrambling ability...ALL THE WHILE...their back up QB scrambles for just enough every time. Finally, I don’t feel like LSU has completely ironed out its run game, and we will need it. It will be tested and I hope we pass it. One storyline of an LSU transfer getting his chance to ball out is no longer a possibility. But watch Koy Moore have an SEC POW performance. Oh look, LSU and UT fans aren’t the only ones ticked off about an 11 am kick off! If you need ANY reason to understand how wacky this series has been, read the Advocate. An INCREDIBLE BTS look at our pre game walk out. And finally, high praise for a potential break out star.

Finley is out for the Game:

Source: Auburn QB T.J. Finley expected to miss LSU game due to shoulder sprain -

and now that Calzada has opted out for season ending shoulder surgery, it leaves Auburn with one option. Of the small amount of their game against Mizzou, the current QB looked like a holy terror running with the ball. I trust House, and I can see a mush rush type scenario forcing him to beat us with the pass, but folks, our LB crew and safeties are about to be stretched to the limit with Tank and this QB.

How does this happen:

LSU, SEC officials unhappy CBS passed on game vs. Tennessee (

And LSU/UT is not even the game getting the biggest hose job. Somehow, UK and Ole Miss play that week as well, two ranked teams, and CBS chose NOT to even sniff the opportunity to broadcast it. They passed on us TWICE. But the real reason is the double header. We forget because normally this double header featured LSU/Bama for the last 10 years. Now that we are on the outside looking in, we need to remember in the Primetime draft that networks do prior to the season, you have to “draft” your primetime games and then concede better games down the road for other networks to get. Back at SEC media days, after the Jimbo/Saban spat, the A&M/Bama game looked like the game of the year. And then A&M started their season lol. Here’s to LSU earning it’s keep being a ranked team two weeks from now.

It has truly been insane:

Earthquakes, fires, pick sixes and last-second heroics: LSU-Auburn series has had it all | LSU |

We have been ENTERTAINED by this series. Same goes for Florida. And that mainly happens because there is so much on the line.

This is awesome. And Ali Gaye looks like a Video Game Prototype:

Noah would know, he played with Parsons: