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Link Gumbo: Before the School Bus Edition

There is SEC football on tonight, jump around!

Jumping out of the gates this morning
Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good morning, looks like offensive line cohesion is gonna be a long and winding road this year. News broke on Dellinger after the Kelly SEC teleconference. SI dives into who will replace him. USA today talks about the players we should know on the other side. I have no clue why they didn’t add a Diety this week, as Auburn Jesus is THRIVING in the chaos of their season. It would not shock me if the league approves Yella Man to ref this game. I somehow forgot we signed the most exciting hitter in college baseball, and he is already doing something awesome for the community. Nay, what’s this I see? that a positive article on Brian Kelly? and finally, well played Zach Junda, well played

Not ideal:

Kelly confirms Dellinger has surgery on broken hand, status for Auburn is doubtful – Tiger Rag

The man has surgery on a Tuesday involving a plate and screws and we were contemplating getting him ready???? IN THIS ECONOMY????? Kudos to the toughness of Garrett but get some rest and get well soon. I am a little nervous about a new player going into the rotation against this defensive line in this loud stadium. But at least we know and can prepare prior to the game.

Let’s take a stab at potential replacements:

LSU OL Garrett Dellinger Out With Hand Injury, Another New Rotation in Works - Sports Illustrated LSU Tigers News, Analysis and More.

The issue here is we now have game tape and are a quarter through the season. We know there is a drop off at guard and we already knew that our new center is undersized. Kelly acknowledged how important it is to surround that center with beef. I’m interested to see who gets the nod and how long the leash is. It will be the best d line we have played since FSU.

The War Eagle Plainsmen have some studs, they always do:

LSU Football: Five things to know about Auburn in Week 5 (

I am shocked Koy Moore isn’t on this list and won’t be surprised if he joins this list after the game.

Tommy Tanks introduces the Tiny Tanks

LSU baseball’s Tommy White uses NIL money to give back to the community (

That could not be more spectacular of a way to utilize NIL money.

Is that old Bill Shakespeare I see over there???:

Hayes: Brian Kelly wins. Everything else is just meaningless noise (

Still not totally pro LSU-Pro BK, but way to go Matt. We hired him to win. LSU falls in love with winners, not matter the background. Change in program culture is already evident, and more importantly, momentum on the recruiting trail is here. He’s on pace.

Let us never forget how much $$$ Trevon Diggs lost in draft status due to one game: