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Let’s Do Auburn a Favor

Need help getting rid of a coach you hate? We are here to help!

Auburn v LSU
He looks sad
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Over the years, I have written some harsh words about Auburn.

And I may have done some things in the name of rivalry I’m not proud of. I may or may not have cheered a building burning down. I once trash talked an old lady, but in my defense, she started it. I have rooted for Bama. See what you made me do, Auburn?

I have hurled invective. I have laughed and yelled. I have smoked victory cigars in Tiger Stadium. I have charged the field to celebrate an Auburn defeat. I have started a meme. Fuck Chaz Ramsey. I have no regrets about any of this.

But after so many years of stoking the fires of hatred, I thought this year, we should throw Auburn a bone. Let’s actually do them a solid, in the name of the fraternal bonds we reluctantly share.

Let’s help them fire Bryan Harsin.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know how this one went sideways. Harsin was a pretty good coach at Boise or… maybe he wasn’t given how strong that dumpster fire is going so shortly after he left. In seven years at Boise, his teams finished no worse than second in the division. He won his last 19 regular season conference games. And now Boise St. is losing by 17 to UTEP.

Harsin has fared too much better than his former charges.

OK, things started off okay. Auburn started the 2021 season 6-2, and its only losses were to Penn St and Georgia. They won consecutive games against ranked conference opponents (Ole Miss and Arkansas). Things were looking up.

And then he lost Texas A&M. Then to Mississippi St. And then South Carolina. And then Bama (of course). And to top it off, Auburn closed the season with a loss in its bowl game to Houston. Did I mention that they blew a lead in four consecutive games, bookended by allowing a 17-0 run to A&M to turn a tie game into a blowout loss and then losing to a non-AQ team in its bowl game.

Never has a guy gone from “Hey, he’s turning this around” to the hot seat so quickly.

And displaying the cool heads and patience that Auburn fans are so famous for, the Family maneuvered to get Harsin fired in the offseason. It was YEAR ONE.

Hey, but when you know, you know. And I hate to agree with Auburn fans, but things have not improved.

Part of it is the self-fulfilling prophecy of putting the coach you just hired on the hot seat. Then there was an investigation into the program which Harsin labelled “a personal attack.” Over 20 players transferred. No big deal. Things are going great, y’all.

Harsin is now fending off public speculation that Auburn is simply waiting for him to lose a football game so they can pull the plug n this whole misadventure.

When things get this bad and this toxic between the coach and his employer, there’s only one way this ends. So Auburn needs to pull off the band aid. Just do it. They need to fire the coach.

But you can’t fire him until results on the field go sideways. And that’s where we come in. LSU, being the good sports we ae, are more than willing to help Auburn out.

Let’s beat ‘em by 50, and help Auburn shove this disaster of a hire out the back door. We are doing you a solid, Auburn. Let’s go get a coach fired.

Preferably not ours.