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Link Gumbo: White Out

Tua shouldn’t have played

Miami Dolphins v Cincinnati Bengals
They just look so clean
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Hey folks, the big news of the day came from last night. And I’m not gonna go out of my way to show what happened to Tua (although Amazon Prime did in its broadcast), but this could be another major turning point in terms of player safety. It was vicious and scary and I only wish a full and healthy recovery for the young stud. There was a lot of build up going into the game of the next wave of superstars on display (a lot coming from that 2019 LSU/Bama game), and it was washed away by the leagues own ineptness. Whether Sunday happened or not, the take down last night was vicious, that was a small body being suplexed by one of the biggest men on the field. AND THEN THEY FLEW HIM BACK HOME!! I don’t get it.

Moving on to Saturday, there is so much swirling around the Tiger on Tiger match up. Good news is we are adding back some needed depth in the secondary and WR groups. AJ McCarron no longer plays football, but still talks about it, and lo and behold, he has something bad to say about Auburn. Some bold predictions in regards to a pretty fun SEC slate this weekend. Bose loves Burrow. And the entire NFC loves Devin White.

Important experience coming into the fold:

LSU Football: Joe Foucha speaks on end of suspension (

Don’t need him to start. Just need him dressed and ready. We need bodies entering SEC play.

Boutte is back as well:

LSU football to continue moving pieces around against Auburn (

One game does not develop his replacement, but I liked that they were able to give Bech touches and prioritize him. If we develop three threats, especially a holy terror in the Slot like Bech, then Boutte can eat on designed plays to him on the outside. I really hopes this group develops into what we think it can.


A bold prediction for every Week 5 SEC game (

AJ has something to say

and he has plenty of time to opine now that he is not on any level of football. I am shocked that the old QB of an arch rival has more insight than every reporter covering AU.

Anytime there is ANY reason...EVER...IN PERPETUITY

There were some stars in the game, and then there were some SUPERSTARS

Devin White continues to amaze