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Link Gumbo: Turnover Wednesday

Let’s turn the page over to focus on Southern. We also delve into some other LSU News

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Turn the Page. Turn up a Cup
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Short week makes it easier to turn focus forward to Southern. I’m gonna be honest, this is the tailgate, pre game show, and halftime show I am most envious of missing this year. The Human Jukebox and the Golden Band from Tigerland in the same stadium...on the same field....IN THIS ECONOMY????

Coach O pops up in Arkansas for a funny anecdote. The Griddy gets more mainstream than “Hey Ya”. LSU picks up the #1 overall recruit in softball. And lo and behold, somebody moves past Bama in a set of rankings after a high quality is possible! Finally, the BR media introduces BK to what a presser can feel like after a loss.

Everybody’s Favorite Cajun Millionaire Popped Up at the Arkansas Booster Club and dropped a fun story on how to quickly get over getting let go:

Coach O laugh....heh heh heh. I laughed out loud when he basically told the MC “shuddup and lemme finish”

The Griddy made it’s Intro into Madden!

I coach a ton of different sports and everywhere I go, baseball fields, basketball courts, football fields, hell, even when cashiers are dropping Momofoku Noodles into a paper bag at Whole Foods...I SEE THE GRIDDY. It is everywhere. Even more so than “Fancy Like”. I mean everywhere everywhere. And you know what isn’t? that dumb crane move that Bama receivers do after they make a play. I wonder why? Maybe if all those draft picks they brag about actually performed when they came into the league folks would be as infatuated as they are with the LSU rookies that come into the league and BREAK RECORDS.

LSU picked up a commitment from the #1 overall prospect in Softball (2024)

So last year LSU was the only school with a First round pick in the NBA draft, the NFL draft and the MLB draft. Maybe it’s time to keep that rolling and bring a softball draft pick into the mix? That’s great news for Beth Torina. We have a standard with softball and pitchers are the best way to get back to that standard.

Southern and LSU have a slew of events set for this week.

LSU and Southern University Week of Community Events

“They are centered around celebrating the tradition, historical significance and progress of both universities and their impact on Baton Rouge”. IMMA LET YOU FINISH BUT BREAK THOSE BANDS OUT AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN THIS WEEK. You got a TED Talk, better have a Trombone mixed in! I see a Can Food Drive, ONLY WAY TO FILL UP TRUCKS IS TO THE BEAT OF A DRUMLINE!

I know this is neither band but there is never a bad time to post this when talking bands. It is the lungs of God featured here:

Not the AP poll, but some writers rightfully moved a team past Bama to #1 overall.

Because The Tide played a Patsie and mopped the floor with them. UGA played a top 11 team and mopped the floor with them.

Ranking every college football team after Week 1, from No. 1 Georgia to No. 131 Charlotte - The Athletic

Finally, welcome to the BR Coach BK: