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Link Gumbo: Gearing up for the First Home Game

Betcha didn’t think you’d watch a Keiland WIlliams highlight today did ya?

Virginia Tech v LSU
Burst Keiland....Burst
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

LSU announced the Southern game is officially sold out and excitement is building. Zrau already posted his Pre Fix menu for the tailgate and I am already jealous yet pumped up beyond belief at the same time. It’s the first time these programs have played in their long history of being neighbors and I just hope everyone has a blast.

What I did not expect was to finally learn how badly Southern beat it’s opening opponent, but there is a tiny explanation that goes along with it. Joe Brrrrs favorite Tight End has to find a new home. NOLA dot com walks us down Memory Lane with some tales of epic home openers of the past. Split Zone Duo takes a holistic view on LSUs offensive line woes, how we got there and what it takes to remedy it (it takes a minute to get there and it takes a minute to fix btw). And even during a little dreary week it’s always fun to remember that two of our favorite Tigers have their homecoming this week in the Black and Gold.

Dandy Dan opened up the gates with a hot stat:

“As for Southern’s defense, they shut out Florida Memorial last week in a dominating 86-0 win. But there’s really not much to take away from that, considering the level of competition. Florida Memorial’s entire student population (1,800) is smaller than the high school my daughters attend (Lafayette High).”

86-0 on air is pretty outstanding. What is Florida Memorial thinking with a school that size?

NOLA dot Com reminds us of the good and devastating home openers over the years:

Ahead of LSU’s return to Tiger Stadium, here are 5 memorable LSU home openers | LSU |

And up until the CFP Playoff game against Oklahoma, the 2007 Home opener against VT was the most dominant and close to perfect game I had ever witnessed LSU play. It also let Keiland WIlliams flash the recruiting hype he had in one of the most beautiful plays produced that year (and we had a ton)

If you have the time, these guys are fun. And paint a little perspective on how we got to where we are with the O Line.

Split Zone Duo asks how the hell did we get here?:

Thad Moss made it to the final week of the pre season:

The NFL kicks off tonight, which is a friendly reminder that two of your favorite Tigers are now Saints and will gear up this Sunday on the road in Atlanta.

Here is a quick Blurb on Jarvis Landry loving where he is:

Back close to home, Jarvis Landry set to provide lift for Saints – Crescent City Sports