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Link Gumbo: CFB has a new King. LSU 4th in 2024 National Champ Odds

UGA joins the benefit of the doubt club

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Texas Christian Horned Frogs v Georgia Bulldogs
He played great. What a legacy
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No team from this college football season was going to beat that form of UGA last night. They pitched a perfect game and peaked at the right time. TCU proved its mettle by taking down Michigan, they earned a spot in that game. Then they promptly reminded everyone what the difference is between a 27% blue chip ratio and a 70% blue chip ratio.

Look, I don’t know how to categorize other programs but I do know that UGA is the king of the sport right now. I don’t know how much fear I should invest into that, because I still think the conference is up for grabs between 4 programs next year. LSU is one of those programs. They are because, FRIENDLY REMINDER, LSU has the capabilities of recruiting at the absolute highest level of the sport. If UT can compound and develop even more than they can act as a divisional thorn and barometer for UGA. But God Bless anyone that plays them with their full attention.

They beat TCU so bad they had players eating chicken strips on the sidelines with time left on the clock. They beat them so bad that they jumped 2020 Bama in terms of perception and are now the team the media is trying to compare 2019 LSU against. It’s no comparison, but it’s fun to be the standard still.

They joined the benefit of the doubt club. We have no clue who they are gonna bring back and start in key positions and they will still be a heavy favorite to win it all next year.

But you know who is 4th in the overall odds from Caesars? Your defending SEC west champs. And with FSU in the top 10 odds wise, we are lining up to have the best game of opening weekend. And a catapult that can put the winner in the drivers seat perception wise.

And my goodness the meltdown of butt hurt that is Bama fans coming to reality that they are no longer the boogeyman may have been my favorite second screen thread to follow last night.

Speaking of, looks who’s ranked ahead of the Tide in early predictions

Told ya so.

All 2024 early odds from multiple books

We hang around FSU, USC and Michigan for the most part.

If you want to dig deeper into Dawg happiness

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They are gonna be a problem because they have built a pretty good machine. The rise of TN is gonna be critical in terms of holding Bama and UGA in check. Kirby is much younger than Nick, this can get out of hand pretty quickly.

A very petty level of disrespect

The storyline gobbling up space in the CFB centric sites

The man goes through 30 points and they keep compounding with thunder facts