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Link Gumbo: The Bridge to Tigerbithia

The portal is a Bridge that is open on both sides

LSU v Arkansas
Go West Young Man, Let the Evil Go East
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Holistically, I am still not immune to transfer portal news and expectations. Yesterday’s news was a direct test of that, and my stomach still dropped. The minute JD announced he was coming back, we mentally prepared ourselves to lose a QB in our rotation. Countless articles and ruminations, AND STILL, was shocked to see one leave.

Since Nuss had the tape, I really thought it would be him. But the pecking order must have been provided during bowl practice, and our Native Son decided he did not want to wait 3 years collectively to start. I understand that thinking. We added a year to his clock. When he was recruited there was no JD, there was no Brennan coming back even, it was him and Nuss set for a battle royale.

That is the consequence of quality recruiting in the portal and specifically with QBs. It still stings because I wanted to see the dude play. He was the mental warm blanket of knowing our future was secured because a top flight QB raises up an entire roster. And he was a Lafayette kid and Tiger Legacy. His 5 star status soothed me this recruiting cycle when Arch and Eli decided to go elsewhere. I guess in terms of full stomach drop ratings, the only news that would have turned mine more was if something happened to Maason Smith or if Walker decides Bama is his next spot.

Getting to listen to the radio and read more into it, in the short term we should be fine. Nuss is now an absolute necessity to keep and Gordon better get it done. I better see Nuss sitting on top of an 18 wheeler hood on a double billboard the next time I pass by Gonzalez. And I still fully expect JD to take the big step forward of 2 years in a system with a spring practice and summer session to get in tune with his receivers. In the long run, Hurley is important. But man, I just watched UGA do what they did with a walk on. Just give me someone accurate and quick with processing, we have the horses to turn a 7 yd bubble screen into paydirt.

The transfer portal is a bridge that is open on both sides. We are used to seeing the transfers come to our side, and it will tough to wave goodbye to this one. Good luck Walker, I will be rooting for you. Safe passage...leaving the Tigerbithia.

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