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Link Gumbo: Silence the Drum. Stop the Train

This game will be closer than the experts think (waves pencil)

SEC Championship - LSU v Georgia
Just stay healthy amigos
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Happy New Year. It’s Game Day.

I’m trying to keep perspective going into this game. We have opt outs. That will affect timing and fitness. Purdue doesn’t have to scheme against some pretty high end players that help other players get one on one chances. That’s fine, we need to account for that.

The season is a success. Already. We beat our three biggest rivals. We won our division. We know we still have work to do. And hopefully we see improvement in spots that have been shaky all year.

Winning 10 games is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, for LSU, it is usually a precursor to a team of reckoning. But if we don’t win due to a case of the Spoilermakers, so be it.

Remember, this 2022 Tiger team gave us a victory over Bama at Home. The gift that keeps on giving. It’s true importance being that we don’t need to have a generational Quarterback and All Pro Wide Receivers to overcome them, we can beat them with the next wave of talent we produce. It’s freeing. It is exciting. It’s the vibe we need to carry into the new year.

My prediction is we will get a microcosm of what we have witnessed all year. Brilliance. Dazzle. Shocking Ineptitude. Bewildering Decision Making. Jump out of your seat athleticism.

I hope nobody gets hurt and all the players have fun. I also hope that we remind everyone that we still have bodies to add, but we have the players and they don’t.

First off, what a tribute

Now I wish they simply would have done this from the day he started in Starksville.

Perfect Answer from the King of NOLA

The man is a legend in multiple states and multiple fan bases. The only thing missing was a plug for Walk Ons

I can’t stop yelling “THE HYPNOTOAD”

My poor children are now saying this out loud with no understanding of it’s origin. All hail Futurama.

We Need our QBs to come out with this level of accuracy

A small glimpse into how I will be acting today while watching the game

Don’t let the intro to the article fool you. I am typing out my emotions to stay even keel, but I truly expect LSU to win this game. It will not affect my view of the program. It will not affect the start to 2023. But I do expect them to win.