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Instant (ish) Reactions: LSU 63 Purdue’s Backups 7

TWOOO quarterbacks?!?

NCAA Football: Citrus Bowl-Purdue at Louisiana State Matt Pendleton-USA TODAY Sports

There’s very little to react to here, Purdue’s coaching staff and good players all left after the Big 10 championship. Yes, LSU had some opt-outs and other * absences, * but LSU had fewer, and even where they did, LSU backups are a different breed than Purdue backups.

Both of LSU’s QBs looked very sharp in their different ways, and have set up a fascinating QB controversy to chew on in the offseason, but the good kind where both QBs are good! Honestly, I’ll probably write about this at some point, but if egos aren’t an issue and it’s managed creatively, a 2 QB situation could be worked out and even give LSU a competitive advantage.

The defense was just too athletic for Purdue to handle, and they pressured their backup QBs heavily.

Malik Nabers took over, everyone looked good, they did what they were supposed to do.

10 wins in year 1 will do just fine.