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Link Gumbo: Purdue is now Lactose Intolerant

Dem Tigahs just got too much CHEEZ in them

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NCAA Football: Citrus Bowl-Purdue at Louisiana State
I have a new favorite non cheese cheez
Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports

Move over Velveeta, in terms of brands I have a new favorite cheese colored concoction.

At some point, our players laid down in a bed with a massive mascot and celebrated. That is how yesterday went.

In terms of bowl games, outside of the Peach Bowl in 2006 and the CFP Semifinal in 2019 I can not remember a better performance. I was wrong in predicting even a smidgen of a close game. They basically used 3 pitchers to produce a no hitter.

Purdue was down some NFL talent, and they would have needed all of them plus the 85 Bears to stay on the field with the Tigers.

Malik Nabers proved he is WR1 and looked a little like Percy during that game.

Plenty to recap over the days. Just enjoy it.

Perfect recap by the best beat writer we have

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The elephant in the room

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Look how long it takes for the mascot to get up

And Jay Ward was in dire straights buried under all of that. Would that not be the most LSU possible is a star player getting hurt being trampled by a wafer of cheez?

LSU will have a summer of positive momentum

Five takeaways from LSU’s Citrus Bowl win over Purdue (