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NFLSU Championship Weekend Recap

After last year gave us a thrilling Super Bowl with four Tigers starting, Super Bowl LVII sadly might not have any

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We have our Super Bowl matchup set, but LSU fans went 0-2 in conference title weekend. Let’s get this sad stuff over with.

49ers 7 at Eagles 31

Despite RB2 Elijah Mitchell being injured, Tyrion Davis-Price was still inactive. So the only team in the entire NFL Playoffs without an LSU player rostered made the Super Bowl. Come on Eagles, there’s still time to sign Odell Beckham, Eric Reid, Kevin Minter, Alfred Blue, somebody, anybody!

NFLSU Score: 0/10

Bengals 20 at Chiefs 23

It sucks that Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase lost, but this was still an incredible football game... if you ignore everything the refs said. Burrow went 26/41 for 270 yards with 1 TD and 2 INTs. The second pick wasn’t his fault and he also had a beautiful throw to Hayden Hurst dropped in the end zone. His backup OL made it look like his rookie season at times, but this was still Joe Cool out there. Get used to seeing him in the playoffs.

Ja’Marr Chase caught six passes for 75 yards, including a beauty on a 4th and 6 at the start off the fourth quarter.

This was the 10th time Joe Burrow played a game in the month of January at any level of football, and it’s the first time he’s lost. All it took was some questionable calls and one of the few quarterbacks better to get the win. Personally, I think the Bengals will eventually win a Super Bowl when Eli Apple is no longer on the roster. Just my guess.

As for the Chiefs, Clyde Edwards-Helaire has still not been activated off IR. He is our only hope to see an LSU Tiger play in a Super Bowl for a 22nd consecutive year. Get that ankle healthy, CEH. We need you!

NFLSU Score: 7/10