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Link Gumbo: the phrase “Burrowhead” get’s KC realllllly salty

We may be out of a SB winner for the first time in over 20 years

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AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
The next Brady/Manning
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The reason I believe the Bengals can hang around this conference championship level for the next two seasons is that Burrow is still in his rookie contract. They can add pieces because they will be able to afford them. But when Burrow and Chase hit their 2nd window, dynamics will absolutely change.

But man, when they converted that 3rd and 16 I thought we were witnessing another Super Bowl run in the making. But football is hard. It is extremely difficult when you ground the ball or have no help from the offensive line when you are getting maximum pressure.

And now I have no clue whom to root for in this Super Bowl. CEH is out, but he would still get a ring. Them Chiefs were reallllllllly mad about the phrase Burrowhead. I’m talking Salty Dog Cafe levels. I’m talking Bonneville levels of Salty. And you only get that mad because up that point, it was true, he was 3-0 against them until 10 pm last night. I also think the AFC is the better conference, but the representatives better heal up and heal up fast. They might have shot their final bullet to win that conference and have nothing left in the chamber.

And I find myself rooting against Hurts. Good for him and his story, but he feels very Cam Newton like this year. As a Titans fan, I am still pissed about AJ Brown, and now the world is seeing the difference that dude can make.

For the first time in a while we may not see a Tiger on the field in the Super Bowl. I’m talking more than 20 years here people. It’s tied with UGA for the longest streak in the nation. We do have one on a roster, but I can’t remember the last time one wasn’t on the field.

Oh well, I’ll have to balance that let down with the feel goods of the women’s team being Final Four level, the baseball team being pre season #1 and looking worthy of it roster wise, and the football team beating Bama at home and winning the west.

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