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Link Gumbo: It’s a Froggy Frogg world

he got that FRAWG innem’

You don’t love just love my Froggy Style
Photo by Matthew Pearce/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Enjoy it TCU. This is your week to shine. What a year it has been. You are the first team from the state of Texas to make the CFP, and now, here you are, in the Championship game against the new boogeyman of College Football. You have enough talent on offense to give UGA a scare, and you kinda have a Butler vibe going right now. You’ve got people believing if they kiss a horned frog they might become a king. Now all you have to do is take down the reigning king, and I don’t think you have to pitch a perfect game to do so. But you have to play better than you did against Michigan.

And already, it is safe to say this year’s CFP has delivered. The most deserving teams were picked and they made the most of it. A plucky team from a down trodden conference slayed the Big Blue, and Ohio State played with revenge on their mind. If UGA wins, we officially entire a new era, it would be their dynasty. 3rd NCG in the last 5 years. Two Natties. Doing this all with a QB who may not get drafted. Move over Clemmy and Bama.

And this year showed it. A rebuilding LSU roster took Bama down, with their two top 5 draft picks and all. That same team took on the Balrog that resides in Athens and had our QB lifted up like he was a toy. Props to Georgia, enjoy it while you can.

But come on Max Duggan, make this one an all timer.

Max Duggan got them FRAWG LEGs churning

Pretty good stat to own!

Oh wow, RBR is wrong again! Handle this with gloves or you will reek of Hubris

It’s fun to hear that our studs are sticking out in a field of studs!

Four LSU Signees Participate in Under Armour All-America Game - Sports Illustrated LSU Tigers News, Analysis and More.

This headline will be on repeat until May 2023

LSU in wait and see mode with NFL draft, portal decisions still to be made (

He earned a higher grade than this in my mind

What grade did Brian Kelly earn in Year 1 at LSU? (

So 30% end up in Transfer Portal Purgatory???